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VIDEO: “Film The Police” feat. B. Dolan, Sage Francis, Toki Wright, Jasiri X


Committed MCs remind us that keeping our cameras ready is a powerful weapon against repression all over the world.

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VIDEO: Nneka — “My Home”


Nigerian songwriter Nneka readies her follow-up to “Concrete Jungle”. Check the first single!

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VIDEO: The Thirst — “Set It Alight”


Some call The Thirst the best live band in London. And they might be right. Check out the new video.

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VIDEO: Just A Band — “Huff + Puff”


The new video for one of our favorite songs

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VIDEO: Maya Azucena — “Cry Love”


Check out the video for the title track from Maya’s superb new album!

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VIDEO: Game Rebellion — “Rebel”


The Rebels are back. Don’t say they didn’t give you anything for the holidays.

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VIDEO: Tay Zonday — “Mama Economy (The Economy Explained)”


Finding it difficult to sort out economic truth from fiction? Let Tay Zonday explain it all.

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VIDEO: Saul Williams — "Explain My Heart"


Saul primes the pump for the release next month of “Volcanic Sunlight”

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VIDEO: Muthawit featuring Boston Fielder — "Wasted (Fill My House With Salt)"


The new video from Muthawit featuring Boston Fielder!

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VIDEO: The Five One — "Closing Time"


The DMV quartet has some fun in Paris. We ain’t mad. Well, okay, a little.

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