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My open call for contributors to

That's right: I'm looking to add more regional coverage.  Someone's already raised their hand to cover the East Bay, but I'm definitely interested in bringing regular coverage of what's happening in the black rock/Afro-Punk/black alternative scenes in some other cities such as: Atlanta The DMV (that's DC, Maryland, Virginia, for those who don't know) Chicago […]

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VIDEO: SociaLybrium promo trailer

If you're around the CMJ Music Marathon in NYC next week, this is definitely a group that should make it onto your schedule.  This is Melvin Gibbs, JT Lewis, the great Bernie Worrell, and Blackbyrd McKnight.  What's not to like?  And there's a new album scheduled for January 2010 via our friends at Livewired Music. […]

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VIDEO: Sabatta–"Didn't C It"

Here's a clip from some of the black rock fam in London.  Yinka Oyewole leads the band Sabatta and this track is from their release earlier this year "Emperor's New Clothes".  If the name's familiar, some of you may have see Yinka performing at this year's Afro-Punk Festival.  I'm also thrilled to point out that […]

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The Blakroc Project? WTF

Blakroc Project from Myrhax on Vimeo. So many things go through my head when I see this.  And most of them aren't good.  Let me gather my thoughts into something coherent, then get back to y'all.  Like most things, the issues here aren't black or white.  Well, some of them are (heh, heh. . ).

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VIDEO: Game Rebellion — "Blind" (live at Afro-punk 2009)

Find more videos like this on Afro-punk I like the part when Netic starts throwing kids into the waiting arms of the crowd.  Check it out. Additional link: More Game Rebellion on

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VIDEO: Dope Sagittarius — "Punkrapstarz"

Thanks to Twitter fam @MrsNextMatch and @Noiseux for the heads up on this! Hats off to Luqman Brown, the ringleader of both Dope Sagittarius and the legendary Funkface.  This is the first video from DS' soon-to-be-released album, Kill The DJ. Stay tuned, since there's another Dope Sagittarius track that will be on the upcoming […]

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VIDEO: J*Davey — "End of Your World (Mama's Back)"

A new song from the LA-based duo J*Davey.

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VIDEO: URB ALT Finale: Mama Moon — "Hair Merci"

Find more videos like this on URB ALT DC artist Mama Moon came to Brooklyn for this year's URB ALT fest and sho nuff represented for her town.  Her performance was energetic and captivating.  She's got talent in spades.  What she'll need to be on guard for, I think, it to match her talent to […]

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VIDEO: Nick Cannon and Nas in a PSA on the State of Hip Hop

Maybe mainstream hip hop will stand for something.  This is a good start.  It's very Bamboozled.

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