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In Conversation with Maya Azucena

Maya Azucena is a woman of many talents: Singer, songwriter, producer, and now video host! You may recall from an earlier interview I did with her that she is fiercely committed to the creativity on her own terms.  And she's been successful at it.  So, it's no surprise that she teamed with to produce [...]

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Post-inauguration thoughts

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Chewing Pics from Rob Fields on Vimeo.   Spend 10 minutes with Elias Diaz and Naima Mora, as they tackle several subjects, including their band’s "drum and bass rock thing with crazy vocals."  Then, see what they really mean by that on Saturday night at BAMcafe. Additional links: Chewing Pics’ site "Chicharon Begao Lives. . [...]

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VIDEO INTERVIEW: The world according to Red Lotus

Red Lotus from Rob Fields on Vimeo.   "Hard-edged, soulful, fun and kinda sexy."  That’s how lead singer Rozz Nash-Coulon describes the sound of Saturday’s headlining rock quartet.   Check ‘em out this weekend, and judge for yourself. In this upbeat 8 minute interview,  Rozz and guitarist Jean-Marx Santel talk about influences, subtlety over raw power, [...]

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VIDEO INTERVIEW: Meet California King

California King from Rob Fields on Vimeo. Mike Mills and Yohann Potico talk about the music and inspiration behind California King, who will be opening the Bold As Love/BRC CMJ showcase next Saturday.  I’m going to apologize right off the bat for any technical glitches in this video.  Remind me never to use Panasonic video [...]

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Fan interview: Ngozi Odita

Ngozi Odita on Janelle Monae from Rob Fields on Vimeo.   If you were looking for the Black rock audience, they were in effect at the Janelle Monae Summerstage show last month.  Ngozi was one of the people I met there.  For the most part, she’s not really checking for artists in the mainstream.  And [...]

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VIDEO: Maya Azucena embodies the spirit of Black rock

Maya Azucena from Rob Fields on Vimeo.   The singer-songwriter on songwriting, honesty and why artists are their own best assets. Everything she talks about here are the things that indie artists–and Black rock artists–need to keep in mind, so I’ll let her speak for herself.  In the meantime, Maya’s another talent to watch.  If [...]

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VIDEO: Trezure the Empress

TreZure the Empress from Rob Fields on Vimeo.   One of the challenges of capturing video is that you’ve got to deal with it, which takes a minute.  This is a quick hit (less than a minute) from the Primordial Punk event.  In between sets TreZure, an up-and-coming artist from the Bronx, and I starting [...]

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VIDEO: Monica Arrington is Nerdkween

Monica Arrington is Nerdkween from Rob Fields on Vimeo. I met Monica at the 2007 URB Alt Festival  She’s interesting to me because she’s an example of how the "rock" attitude doesn’t always mean guitar-driven volume.  In this interview, she talks about how she came to her ethereal and experimental sound despite having a father [...]

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VIDEO: James Spooner interview

Afropunk’s James Spooner from Rob Fields on Vimeo.     The Afropunk founder (and director) reflects on the evolution of the scene and where it’s headed.  All in less than 8 minutes.  Shot on location at the 2008 Afropunk Festival. ‘Nuff said.

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Fear Of A Black President

Some excerpts from Ta-Nehisi Coates’s tour de force on Obama, race and the limits of integration.

GOOD READ: Hate Crimes Always Have A Logic: On The Oak Creek Gurudwara Shootings

A perspective on the Oak Creek, WI shootings from a member of the Sikh community

GOOD READ: Erykah Badu to Wayne Coyne: “Kiss my glittery ass!”

In case you missed it, Ms. Badu’s choice words to Mr. Coyne

GOOD READ: Jeff Chang On The Legacy of Chuck Brown

A worthwhile read on the go-go legend

GOOD READS: #TrayvonMartin Around The Web

So much conversation–and now maybe some justice–for this young man.

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