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Thank you!

Thanks so much for your donation.  Every little bit really does help keep this blog going, and I appreciate your support.

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Inauguration Photos, Videos?

If anybody wants to share a few of their photos or video from the celebrations in DC, please email me at rafields [at] gmail [dot] com, and I'll be happy to run them. Thanks!

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Call for Artists: The URB 1000

URB Magazine has officially sent out the call for artists for the 2009 round of its Next 1000.  The deal is that URB highlights 20 new artists each week for a full year.  Readers vote on who they like and the ones that get the most votes end up in the magazine as part of […]

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Holiday wishes

What do I want for Christmas?  Gratitude. Let me explain. More specifically, I want to move through the holidays with a sense of gratitude.   Yes, there are material things I want as well as goals I'd like to achieve.  But I have a lot to be thankful for: My health My family, and the fact […]

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About Rob Fields and

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Rob Fields and I started Bold As Love to provide a platform for people–particularly African Americans–to discover Black rock music. I also want to explore how the increasing prominence of Black rock is impacting Black imagination and how we conceive of and understand ourselves in the world. I believe that […]

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Weekend Preview: Naked Acts 10th Anniversary Screening!

Just a quick reminder.  Maybe we'll see you all on Sunday?  If you're coming, I suggested advanced tickets, which you can get thru the ADFF site.  Follow this link.

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LISTENING POST: Jaimz Deen–"Out After Dark"

 Dude reached out to me a couple of months ago based on the interview I did with his friend Bryan Edwards.  He's got a concept album in the works called "The Crisis".  It's on a future, dystopian vibe, much in the same way Janelle Monae's project is.  He's described it as "Anime meets Donnie Darko […]

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"Naked Acts" 10th Anniversary Screening

After my brief stint in the PR department at Capitol Records, I spent a few years in the indie film scene, thanks to my wife and her debut feature Naked Acts.  We ended up going the the self-distribution route as a matter of last recourse.  We'd shopped the film to every distributor, big and small, […]

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links for 2008-05-14

Hip-hop is no longer cooler than me Summed up in the line that references “the macarena-ization of hip-hop.” Priceless! (tags: hip+hop music+business)

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links for 2007-12-18

Songs of Love and Murder, Silenced by Killings Some perspective: It’s buckwild in other parts of the world, too, where there’s poverty (tags: community) Singing Her Way From Obscurity to Fame on the Internet On Ingrid Michaelson. Note how she used the Internet and had the added benefit of a bit of luck. (tags: stories)

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