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LISTENING POST: Kenna feat. Shimmy Hoffa (aka Chad Hugo of The Neptunes)– "Chains"


Kenna’s new album drops April 5. Check out the first track here.

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Speaking requests

I’m Rob Fields, and I launched in February 2007.  I started this blog after a varied career in PR and marketing for both corporate and arts organizations, as well as being a blogger on marketing and popular culture.  In the mid-90s I was the Director of PR for the Black Rock Coalition, which provided […]

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Michael Jackson

No words right now.  Follow the story at CNN or MSNBC. is a good look, too.

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Kiss The Sky at the Northside Music Festival — June 13

See you @ Trash Bar on June 13! Check out the location on Google Maps.  Also, get directions here. View Larger Map Additional links: Farai Chideya California King Shelley Nicole’s blakbushe The Smyrk Honeychild Coleman

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Nona Hendryx keynotes the 2009 Pop Conference–April 16

The 2009 Pop Conference at EMPSFM kicks off with "A Conversation with Nona Hendryx".  This should be a cool session, since one of the moderators is my fellow SXSW panelist, Princeton's Daphne Brooks.  Here's the description: From her 1960s days wowing Apollo Theater crowds as part of Patti Labelle and the Bluebelles, through that group's […]

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VIDEO: How To Rob An Industry Hipster

The beginning of a hipster backlash by rappers? You know the Black rock/Black indie thing is jumpin' off when stuff like this starts showing up.  I mean, just think about it: There are enough (Black) hipsters to include in a track that's three minutes of putting the smackdown on hipsters–get this–because they have money!?  This […]

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"Naked Acts" at BAM–February 21

Just giving you a heads up that next weekend, Bridgett's film will have an encore screening.  I'm just calling it a 10th Anniversary Screening.  Actually, it's part of the African Diaspora Film Festival's "Best of the Fest" series at BAM.  So, if you missed the screening in December–especially you Brooklyn types–this might be the move […]

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Media kit

Reach an audience you’re probably not reaching with your traditional “urban mindset”-focused media buys and outreach efforts.  The audience that follows is interested in a range of new music, culture and lifestyle trends and ideas that are shaping the American–global, even–cultural landscape. was launched in February 2007 and is the only regularly-written blog […]

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Thank you

I really appreciate your purchase at the Online Store.  Every little bit helps to keep this blog going.  I’m glad you find the blog valuable and worthy of supporting.

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Upcoming: Vikter Duplaix and DJ Reborn

From our friends over at A-Marketing, something to consider for next week. Additional links: Vikter Duplaix DJ Reborn

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