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REVIEW: Michael Hill and Colin John–"Fresh Folk Blues"

By Earl Douglas Michael Hill is an internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter and bad ass guitarist with nearly a half a dozen albums under his belt with his band Bluesmob and as a solo artist.  He's shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the business and on top of everything else, one of […]

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SXSW09 Review: Afro-punk Showcase on 3/19/09

That first full day in Austin got away from me.  Between my panel, Quincy's keynote, doing a bit of hanging out, the day flew.  Add to that the fact that it was nearly impossible to get a cab to Austin Music Hall, and you can pretty much guess that I missed some the Afro-punk showcase.  […]

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LISTENING POST: TV on the Radio–"Love Dog"

My introduction to TV on the Radio was their 2006 album, "Return to Cookie Mountain."  It's a funny thing taking the plunge into a new band.  The real work is to adjust your ears so that you can hear what they're attempting before you pass judgment on whether or not you like the album.  I […]

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REVIEW: Rock 4 Barack @ Le Poisson Rouge/NYC–9/10/08

  Living Colour, The Family Stand, Earl Greyhound and Danielia Cotton put on a show heard all the way in Wasilia. It was a night of music with a purpose and everyone stepped up.  Here are some of my notes from Wednesday night: Danielia Cotton.  Not only did she dedicate "Rare Child" to Obama, but […]

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Scenes from the Primordial Punk Launch–7/11/08

I’d mentioned the Primordial Punk launch prior to the event: A lot of music and more than a dash of burlesque.  Yowza!  Stay tuned for a video interview with co-founders Luqman Brown and Laronda Davis, and you can learn more about their focus on reclaiming culture.  In the meantime, enjoy the shots!

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More Scenes from Afropunk 2008: Tamar-kali, The Dirtbombs & more!

    Better late than never, right? For those that missed Afropunk, here are some of the moments I captured at Fort Greene Park.  Enjoy! 

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REVIEW: Another moment of Truth: J*Davey @ SOB's–8/20/08

    Jack Davey, Brook D’Leau and their band more than live up to the hype. I admit my skepticism going in.  I’d heard all the hype: Y’know, people losing their minds and saying J*Davey was the bom-diggy.  And based on this, I’d downloaded their double CD from iTunes, The Beauty in Distortion/The Land of […]

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Danielia Cotton album review on

Last Friday, ran my expanded review of Danielia’s album, Rare Child.  I say expanded because I worked hard to make it different from the one that I originally wrote for Bold As Love.  Let me know what you think. Anyway, thanks to editor Eric Easter for the opportunity.  I’m looking forward to doing more […]

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Janelle Monae Crushes Summerstage

Our favorite cybergirl proves the buzz ain’t just hype, and none of the acts that followed cleared the bar she set. You know you’re winning when you stagedive, people catch you and allow you to crowdsurf.  Which is exactly what happened at the end of Janelle’s excellent set yesterday.  She’s got the goods, she played […]

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REVIEW: Little Jackie/"The Stoop"

The difference between Imani Coppola’s recently release as part of the group Little Jackie, The Stoop, and her last solo album, 2007’s The Black & White Album is the distance between a woman full of rebellion and youthful arrogance and her slightly older, but wiser self. The Black & White Album strikes me as an […]

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