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REVIEW: California King — "La Belle Epoque" (New Boy Records)


A beautiful era indeed for Brooklyn rockers California King.

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REVIEW: Pigeon John — "Dragon Slayer" (Quannum Projects)


Keepin’ it real in Hawthorne, California.

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REVIEW: Kanye West — "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" (Roc-A-Fella)


Every super hero needs a theme song. And a super villain to fight against.

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REVIEW: Shad — "TSOL" (Black Box Recordings/Decon)


Hip hop you can easily bump in the car with the kids, enjoy it and not feel like you’re poisoning impressionable minds.

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REVIEW: Steven Roby & Brad Schreiber – "Becoming Jimi Hendrix"


A recent book on the rock icon brings his humanity to the fore.

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REVIEW: Lizz Wright – "Fellowship" (Verve Forecast)


Think of it as a gospel album and you’ll miss the point entirely.

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REVIEW: Tricky — "Mixed Race" (Domino)


Tricky’s eighth album is a dark, tense romp, and at times cinematic.

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REVIEW: Lightspeed Champion — "Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You" (Domino)


Devonte Hynes’ literate melange of pop, rock and classical touches.

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REVIEW: The King Meets The President In Africa


Something to start your weekend off on the good foot.

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REVIEW: Tamar-Kali — "Black Bottom"


Black Bottom is an exhilarating, cathartic rock n roll tour de force. Find out why.

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