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LISTENING POST: Galaxy of Tar — "When the Hour Glass Has Run Out"


  Galaxy of Tar: Elias Diaz (l) and Naima Mora One band ends and another forms in its place. Those of you who copped the compilation may remember the band Chewing Pics.  That group broke up, but two of its members, Elias Diaz and Naima Mora started a new project, Galaxy of Tar.  In [...]

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LISTENING POST: Uninterrupted feat. Moon — "Regret"


Glad to see that Moon is back for this year's URB Alt Fest.  I was first introduced to Moon last year's fest when she repped the DMV hard via this performance. Wow.  She definitely brings it. Looking forward to seeing and hearing her on Saturday with her own band. Additional links: Moon on URB Alt [...]

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BLK JKS new EP "Zol!" drops today, June 8 + track listing


Say you're like me and can't get enough of BLK JKS. You already have the Mystery EP and you're wearing out After Robots, with its songs like "Summertime" and "Molalatladi".  Believe me, I understand.  There's no wonder After Robots made the Best of 2009 list: It's a great album. Good news is there's more.  [...]

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LISTENING POST: Prince — "She's Always in My Hair" (12" version)


In honor of the birthday today of Prince Rogers Nelson, a black rocker if there ever was one, here's one of my favorites.  Yeah, I'm crate diggin' a bit here, but go with it, okay?

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LISTENING POST: Janelle Monae–"Tightrope" (Wondamix) feat. B.o.B & Lupe Fiasco


For your Sunday morning listening pleasure.  Haven't heard Janelle's album yet?  Here are some reasons you should get it right now. In the meantime, enjoy this remix!

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LISTENING POST: Kelsey — "Calendar"


This song comes from Kelsey's solo EP, Nylon and Steel Vol. 1.  It's a quiet, beautiful song and it shows another side of Kelsey, who's often found wailing and roaring as the frontman of pILLOW tHEORY. What's appealing about this song is that it captures that special quality of deep, abiding love without being so [...]

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LISTENING POST: Sandra St. Victor — "FMAO-city"


While we're waiting for the latest album from The Family Stand to drop (check out some tracks here and here), you can get a taste of what the Mack Diva herself has been cooking up in her lab in the Netherlands.  This song is part of an EP she's done with producer Marc de Clive-Lowe [...]

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LISTENING POST: The Soulfolk Experience — "Isaac & Ishmael", "Sometimes", "Older"


@jffrsn3 (L to R): V. Jeffrey Smith, Maritri Garrett, David Pilgrim, Jeff Jeudy (inset) What do artists do in between their main projects? Work with people whose music they respect and, maybe, even love.  That's the case with The Soulfolk Experience.  Here's what their Myspace page says about them: Led by Maritri Garrett, THE SOULFOLK [...]

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LISTENING POST: MuthaWit feat. Boston Fielder — "Wasted (Fill My House with Salt)"


@URBAlt @Muthawit Hafta say: I was thrilled and honored to be able to offer MuthaWit's single as an exclusive during the launch of WRFB-Radio Free Brooklyn.  Take a listen, as it will give you a sense of the expansiveness of Boston's forthcoming album, which he's titled Men & Women or la Revenge de Uncle Baldy. [...]

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LISTENING POST: James Brown — "People Get Up and Drive Your Funky Soul" (remix)


#musicmonday Happy birthday to the Godfather of Soul! James Brown would’ve been 77 today.  Enjoy this cut from the album Motherlode.

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Fear Of A Black President

Some excerpts from Ta-Nehisi Coates’s tour de force on Obama, race and the limits of integration.

GOOD READ: Hate Crimes Always Have A Logic: On The Oak Creek Gurudwara Shootings

A perspective on the Oak Creek, WI shootings from a member of the Sikh community

GOOD READ: Erykah Badu to Wayne Coyne: “Kiss my glittery ass!”

In case you missed it, Ms. Badu’s choice words to Mr. Coyne

GOOD READ: Jeff Chang On The Legacy of Chuck Brown

A worthwhile read on the go-go legend

GOOD READS: #TrayvonMartin Around The Web

So much conversation–and now maybe some justice–for this young man.

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