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LISTENING POST: Twin Shadow — "Castles In The Snow"


Twin Shadow, aka George Lewis, Jr., is another artist who mines and refreshes the new wave sound.

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LISTENING POST: Saidah Baba Talibah — "No More"

sbt profile

North of the border, here’s an artist worth watching.

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LISTENING POST: Just A Band — "Huff + Puff"


A killer track from the continent! Another group, like South Africa’s BLK JKS, that is redefining perceptions of African music.

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Q&A with Kameron Corvet + his song "This Way To Love"

Atlanta keeps him hungry. Here’s why.

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Q&A with Valerie June + her song "Raindance"

I originally met Valerie June last November when she participated in the Fire + Fire: Gypsy + Black event, where Hungarian Gypsy and black American musicians shared the stage and explored common musical bonds.  Of course, you can't miss the Medusan head of locks she sports, and then there's something about her that reminds me […]

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UPCOMING: Cody ChesnuTT at Weeksville–July 3

Weeksville’s Garden Party series kicks off this weekend with Cody ChesnuTT.  You may recall that I mentioned earlier that this will be Cody’s first NYC performance with a full band in 4 years, so definitely check him out. The track below, “Come Back Like Spring” is from his forthcoming album Landing on a Hundred, which […]

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LISTENING POST: The Commodores — "Nightshift 2010" (tribute to Michael Jackson)

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the untimely death of Michael Jackson.  It’s definitely a time of reflection on the man, his music and his legacy.  And there’s be a lot of talk as folks remember where they were when they found out that Michael had passed.  Here’s one such story. The Commodores were performing […]

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LISTENING POST: Galaxy of Tar — "When the Hour Glass Has Run Out"

  Galaxy of Tar: Elias Diaz (l) and Naima Mora One band ends and another forms in its place. Those of you who copped the compilation may remember the band Chewing Pics.  That group broke up, but two of its members, Elias Diaz and Naima Mora started a new project, Galaxy of Tar.  In […]

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LISTENING POST: Uninterrupted feat. Moon — "Regret"

Glad to see that Moon is back for this year's URB Alt Fest.  I was first introduced to Moon last year's fest when she repped the DMV hard via this performance. Wow.  She definitely brings it. Looking forward to seeing and hearing her on Saturday with her own band. Additional links: Moon on URB Alt […]

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BLK JKS new EP "Zol!" drops today, June 8 + track listing

Say you're like me and can't get enough of BLK JKS. You already have the Mystery EP and you're wearing out After Robots, with its songs like "Summertime" and "Molalatladi".  Believe me, I understand.  There's no wonder After Robots made the Best of 2009 list: It's a great album. Good news is there's more.  […]

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