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Listening Post: Mama Shamone–"Feel"

It shouldn’t surprise you that Black rock is not just a cultural phenomenon that’s happening here in the States.  There are scenes in Canada (Laina can tell you all about it) and South Africa.  So if it’s happening in those countries, it’s probably happening in, say, London, right?  Right! Meet Mama Shamone, led by Ru […]

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Listening Post: Throwdown Syndicate — "Pyroclastic"

Funny, but one of the important things you learn as you listen to a lot of music is what kinds of music you gravitate towards.  Me, I tend to like more groove-oriented music and a place a high premium on songwriting and vocal ability.  For stuff on the metal end, I tend to leave that […]

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Listening Post: Soma Mestizo–"Flipping U Off"

Okay, so Christiane (above), lead singer of Pittsburgh art rockers Soma Mestizo, sent me their album, Telomere, months ago.  But, even after a few listens, I found it challenging and couldn’t really get my arms (or ears) around it.  So I did what any reasonable person would do: I put the album down and moved […]

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Listening Post: Bazaar Royale–"How Can I Dream?"

Since I just saw him last night, I thought Bazaar would make a good subject of this week’s Listening Post.  Check it out. Additional links: Bazaar Royale Ghetto Metal site  

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VIDEO: Monica Arrington is Nerdkween

Monica Arrington is Nerdkween from Rob Fields on Vimeo. I met Monica at the 2007 URB Alt Festival  She’s interesting to me because she’s an example of how the "rock" attitude doesn’t always mean guitar-driven volume.  In this interview, she talks about how she came to her ethereal and experimental sound despite having a father […]

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Listening Post: BLK JKS–"Summertime"

Checking in with the "sound of a new South Africa". The London Guardian wrote: Indeed you’d be hard pushed to find a better example of the post-apartheid nation’s new cultural momentum and boundary-breaking sensibility. Four East Rand boys who defy convention by shunning the indigenous urban soundtrack of kwaito, Blk Jks make sense of their world […]

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Listening Post: Apollo Heights–"Winter in the Summertime"

Apollo Heights; photo credit: Ed Marshall I love an album and a band that not only hooks you with the first song, but then backs it up with an album full of great songs.  Not for nothin’, but Apollo Heights is that kind of band.  I finally got to see them a few weeks ago […]

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Artist Interview: Tenderhead's Shena Verrett

Tenderhead’s Shena Verrett from Rob Fields on Vimeo. Ohio in the house! Continuing the video interview series, I had a chance to sit down with Shena Verrett, the creative engine behind the band Tenderhead, who you can catch on Saturday at the URB Alt Fest. In addition to hearing about her influences and creative process, […]

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Listening Post: Game Rebellion–"Mind Playin Tricks" (J. Period remix)

Okay, so after that rave that I handed out for Game Rebellion, you might be wondering what they sound like.  Here’s one of my favorite tracks from their mixtape, Searching for Rick Rubin, a rework of the Geto Boys’ "My Mind Playing Tricks on Me".  Officially, Game Rebellion’s version is "Mind Playin Tricks" (J. Period […]

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Listening Post: Pillow Theory–"Four Drinks"

Pillow Theory’s Kelsey (photo credit: Caitlin Casella) Here’s something on the mellow(er) side.  I like this song a lot, but don’t be fooled: Kelsey and the crew can (and do) bring both intensity and volume to their shows If you’re into Incubus, Soundgarden, Deftones and Seal (whose voice I’m reminded of when I hear Kelsey), […]

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