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UPCOMING: Sandra St. Victor @ The Blue Note — July 24

Yes, it's a late show (12:30AM start time Saturday morning) but, for those of you who live in and around NYC, this is one of the reasons you're here: So you can experience music and talent that on a level. Here's the deal on the show that's called "The Musical DNA of a Southern Songbird": […]

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LISTENING POST: Otto Fischer — "Anima Uma"

Another artist performing at URB Alt tonight is Otto Fischer, who's from Nigeria via London.  His songs tend towards the electro-acoustic and revolve around affairs of the heart.  Also, thrilled to note that Otto is one of the artists on the upcoming compilation, Fire In the Dark. Check it out. Additional link: Otto Fischer […]

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LISTENING POST: Oh My Goodness — "Bubble Bath"

One of the artists performing tonight at the URB Alt Fest finale is Oh My Goodness.  Here’s how she describes herself: Therese Workman creates her lo-fi/puffed-out-chested ditties from the comfort and constraints of her bedroom studio. A classically trained pianist/percussionist and contemporarily trained computerist, her songs are anthems for the hairbrush-in-the-bathroom-mirror rockstar in all of […]

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LISTENING POST: AuntKeKe — "Without U"

One of the artists performing tonight at URB Alt.  Yet another example of what anthropologist Maureen Mahon calls the “diversity of black [musical] interests.” Additional link: AuntKeKe on URB Alt

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LISTENING POST: Kaneng Lolang — "Hold My Place"

Musician.  Painter.  Photographer. Filmmaker. One of the artists you can hear tonight at URB Alt is Kaneng Lolang.  It'd be reductive to call her music "experimental".  Rather, what she creates are her efforts to help us understand what she hears so clearly: The ancient and the future. And, as you can see, she fits in […]

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LISTENING POST: MuthaWit featuring Boston Fielder — "Shewo The Left Shoe"

A taste of music from URB Alt's founder, Boston Fielder.  Which, if you check out any of the four festival's four days, you'll get to hear live.  He's got a very versatile voice, but it's the warmer middle and lower register I prefer.  When you combine that with his intense, energetic performances and well-written songs […]

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LISTENING POST: Honeychild Coleman/POLLEN — "December"

(l to r): Honeychild Coleman, Viveca Butler, Annu Lilja I am absolutely thrilled to be presenting Honeychild Coleman on Saturday as part of Kiss The Sky.  You many recall the high marks I gave her album Halo Inside (Come La Luna).  In the interim, she's morphed the project into a trio called Pollen, who you'll […]

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LISTENING POST: The Smyrk–"Whenever You Call"

(l to r): Ari Sadowitz, Doron Flake, Chris Barone, Alex Marans For those of you who haven't yet seen The Smyrk, you'll get your chance next week at Kiss The Sky.  In the meantime–since that's a whole week away–here's a taste of what they've got to offer. Enjoy! The Smyrk–"Whenever You Call" by boldaslove Additional […]

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LISTENING POST: Earl Greyhound — "S.O.S."

  (l to r) Ricc Sheridan, Matt Whyte, Kamara Thomas Earl Greyhound is one of those bands that gets better the more you hear them.  I've written about them here.  And, lately, I've been listening to their last album, Soft Targets, a lot.  I'm pretty psyched to see them at the BRC show on Sunday […]

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LISTENING POST: Le Grand Baton–"Toutlè Dépi Dé Jou"

  Voodoo rock, anyone? I mentioned discovering this band at the first BRC Native Sundays event earlier this month.  Here's a taste of their music, rock by way of the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe's gwo ka. Enjoy! Le Grand Baton–"Toutlè Dépi Dé Jou" by boldaslove Additional link: Le Grand Baton on MySpace

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