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LISTENING POST: Neon Collars — "Far Away"


I tend not to listen to gospel music.  In my experience–which may be limited–when black folks start singing about their faith, it’s usually grand melismas wrapped around Jesus or GEE-ZAUCE (depending on where you went to church).  And, no, I’m not crackin’ on anybody’s faith.  Just telling it like I’ve heard it. I’m not sure [...]

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LISTENING POST: The Family Stand—“The Last Time We’re Here”


Have you downloaded the compilation yet? If not, you’re missing a brand new track from The Family Stand.  This is off their forthcoming album “Definition”, and I’m honored that they were willing to share this with me. It’s The Family Stand, so I don’t have much else to say about this, except listen here. . [...]

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LISTENING POST: Fro — "Dark Beauty"


I have to admit that I've had an ear out for Fro, aka Harold Davis, since I started the blog.  Just who was this brotha on guitar with this big. . .'fro? He is a confident guitar talent, something that's abundantly clear on his recently released EP, "Surprise Music".  All five pieces are instrumental tracks, [...]

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New BLK JKS album, tour dates + first album track


South African rock group's first full-length album drops September 8! I am really thrilled to share that BLK JKS will finally be releasing After Robots in about a week.  You can pre-order it here.  In its review of the album, the Johannesburg Mail & Guardian says that "After Robots is probably the most important South [...]

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REVIEW: Analogue Transit — "Gearheart" (Worldsound)


Analogue Transit: Kwaku Aning (l) and Jeff Shreiner Can analog and digital techniques co-exist?  For Analogue Transit – vocalist-guitarist Kwaku Aning and keyboardist-production wiz Jeff Shreiner – the answer is not only a resounding yes, but it's a necessary pairing.  Gearheart is a nine song collection in which baby grand pianos clash with 21st Century [...]

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LISTENING POST: Burnt Sugar — "Love to Tical"

Can it be?  Can it really have been 10 years of Burnt Sugar? Damn.  I remember when maestro Greg Tate performing with his first band, Women in Love. Anyway, time flies.  This Saturday, Burnt Sugar will be celebrating its first decade with a performance at NYC's Joe's Pub.  You may recall that this is a [...]

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LISTENING POST: Living Colour — "Behind The Sun"


This is the first single from the new Living Colour album, "The Chair In The Doorway," which drops on September 15.  The song is growing on me.  Also, happy to report that as good as this song is, there are some even betta bangers on the album, and I'll share at least one of them [...]

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LISTENING POST: Divisible — "Don't Say Nothin Now"


Another album that makes my "Best of 2009" list. I wear a hat made of tinfoil so they can't steal my thoughts– Divisible, "Love Is The Cost" from Less Than Lion When it comes to Black rock bands in LA, my perception was that you'd find mostly metal and hard rock acts.  I'm happy to [...]

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UPCOMING: Sandra St. Victor @ The Blue Note — July 24


Yes, it's a late show (12:30AM start time Saturday morning) but, for those of you who live in and around NYC, this is one of the reasons you're here: So you can experience music and talent that on a level. Here's the deal on the show that's called "The Musical DNA of a Southern Songbird": [...]

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LISTENING POST: Otto Fischer — "Anima Uma"


Another artist performing at URB Alt tonight is Otto Fischer, who's from Nigeria via London.  His songs tend towards the electro-acoustic and revolve around affairs of the heart.  Also, thrilled to note that Otto is one of the artists on the upcoming compilation, Fire In the Dark. Check it out. Additional link: Otto Fischer [...]

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Fear Of A Black President

Some excerpts from Ta-Nehisi Coates’s tour de force on Obama, race and the limits of integration.

GOOD READ: Hate Crimes Always Have A Logic: On The Oak Creek Gurudwara Shootings

A perspective on the Oak Creek, WI shootings from a member of the Sikh community

GOOD READ: Erykah Badu to Wayne Coyne: “Kiss my glittery ass!”

In case you missed it, Ms. Badu’s choice words to Mr. Coyne

GOOD READ: Jeff Chang On The Legacy of Chuck Brown

A worthwhile read on the go-go legend

GOOD READS: #TrayvonMartin Around The Web

So much conversation–and now maybe some justice–for this young man.

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