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Janelle Monae performing "Violet Stars Happy Hunting/Many Moons"

  Seeing Janelle Monae is believing Janelle Monae. I knew there were a few people taping Sunday’s show from the audience, so I was really happy when I got hipped to this video taken by dragonsmuse.  What you’ll see here is someone who’s not worried about maintaining her "cool".  No, she’s going all out.  And […]

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Scenes from Summerstage–August 3, 2008

Another great afternoon of music, one filled with some unexpected surprises (musically speaking), and some disappointments.  Jose James was the pleasant surprise of the afternoon.  I mean, I went into the show knowing nothing about him, but now I’d like to check out is album.  He’s a young jazz-influenced singer who’s definitely got nice voice.  […]

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Tonight: Yohimbe Brothers w/ Brazz Tree @ NJPAC

As I’m walking out the door, Vernon Reid sends me a tweet about his gig tonight.  Of course, the Living Colour and BRC co-founder has several incarnations/projects including Masque and this one with DJ Logic, their "electronica-world music mash up".  This should definitely be a cool show.  Look at the ensemble: Folks I can vouch […]

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Weekend Preview #2: Janelle Monae/Little Jackie @ Summerstage–8/3

Like Santogold before them, two more out-of-the box Black women take the stage at Central Park this weekend. Janelle Monae and Little Jackie’s Imani Coppola are two of music’s promising fresh faces.  While I’ve had a chance to see Imani during her Brooklyn residency this past February, it’s been over a year since I discovered […]

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Weekend Preview #1: BRC/Five Six Media @ PS 1—8/2

Aku of Dragons of Zynth The combination of PS 1 and some Black rock make a trip to Long Island City worth it.  The BRC along with King Britt’s Five Six Media will present a hot lineup of Black rock during PS 1’s “Warm Up” Series.  In case you’re not aware, PS 1 is an […]

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Tonight: The Smyrk's final show–July 29

It’s a real bummer when a band you like doesn’t go all the way.  Such, apparently, is to be the case with The Smyrk.  Don’t know the full story as to why they are disbanding, but I can tell you that I’m disappointed.  Why?  Because they effin’ rocked!  I mean, to see them live was […]

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Santogold @ Central Park Summerstage–July 20

Can I just say it was hot as hell at Central Park Summerstage yesterday.  I mean, it was sweat-make-the-clothes-stick-to-you hot.  And to make matters worse (or better, depending on your perspective), we were packed up in that bad boy.  Yes, NYC came out to show Santi White plenty of love. I didn’t exactly know what […]

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Weekend Preview: Santogold at Central Park Summerstage–July 20

I have actually been waiting for some time to see Santi White.  She made our community-generated "Best of 2007 list" multiple times.  She’s been all over Bud commercials.  She’s on the radar of the NY Times.  Well, Sunday’s the day.  This free show starts at 3pm, but Santi is the headliner, so she probably won’t […]

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Burnt Sugar @ Sputnik, July 9

Yeah, I’d missed the Game Rebellion/Voodoo Fe/Bazaar Royale show at the Afropunk Skate Park last Wednesday, but decided to make that late night trek over the Sputnik to see Greg Tate and his "fully improvisational acid-funk band" Burnt Sugar.  Now, I hadn’t seen Burnt Sugar in a while and I have to admit to being […]

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Rebel Soul Salon Series @ Weeksville Historical Society

Shawn Peters, who manages soul rocker Martin Luther, hipped me to a series he’s producing over at the Weeksville Historical Society in Brooklyn.  It kicked off last week with Game Rebellion and follows up this weekend with Sparlha Swa, who I’ve heard great things about but, unfortunately, have had several near misses when it came […]

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