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Upcoming events + other links–March 5, 2010

3/5–Shelley Nicole's blaKbushe at WNYC Battle of the Boroughs: Brooklyn Throwdown 3/6–Peekaboo Theory at Crazy Frogs (Houston, TX) 3/6–Full Spectrum presents "The Infiltrators" 3/8–4 Women redux: A Tribute to Miriam Makeba, Odetta, Eartha Kitt & Abbey Lincoln at NYC Schomburg Center 3/25-28–The 10th National Black Writers Conference @ Medgar Evers College 3/26–The BRC's Nina Simone […]

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Sharing is. . .


You may have noticed that this green symbol has been at the bottom of each post.  It’s a recently added widget that lets you share the post.  Pretty cool, huh?  So here’s what I’m asking: If you like what you read, please feel free to share it with friends, colleagues, other artists, etc.  Doing so […]

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Primordial Punk launch party–Friday, July 11


Speaking of Afropunk, an event to look forward to is Friday night’s Primordial Punk Debutante Ball.  This event is basically the launch of the Primordial Punk calendar, which features brown, tattooed punk rock girls, all tastefully presented.  The brainchild of Luqman Brown (singer, songwriter and bandleader of Funkface and runs Buddha Bug Records), LaRonda Davis […]

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links for 2008-05-20

Santogold dubs ‘hip-hop’ comparisons racist Good for her.  An example of a Black person defining themselves, and all sorts of people/pundits are shocked.  Thanks to Theda for the heads-up (tags: santogold identity)

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links for 2007-12-12

Radiohead Makes Business Plans the New Punk Rock The broader thinking that’s required if we’re to grow the audience for Black rock. (tags: music+business)

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The Whiteness of Indie Rock (just the links)

p5rn7vb A Paler Shade of White Honestly, I need to read this again and much more closely.  My initial impression was that great pains were made to set up an argument that didn’t pay off as well as it could. (tags: race newyorker rock music) Is Indie Rock Black Enough? Presenting The Sasha Frere-Jones Score […]

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links for 2007-08-22

Forty Years Ago: The Most Significant Music Album Ever and Unfortunate Questions of Blackness – Entertainment on The Huffington Post Jimi Hendrix, rock as Black music, and the authenticity question. . .still.  Ridley’s on point. (tags: Jimi+Hendrix identity disconnect)

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links for 2007-08-03

It’s money over music for many players in today’s hip-hop world The flip side from Alan Light who "cites ‘a really vital hip-hop underground’ and a strong international scene."  Thanks to Glenn @ Coolfer for the heads-up. (tags: hip+hop)

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links for 2007-07-28

Maureen Mahon’s interview with music cult heroine Betty Davis Maureen scores a rare interview with the reclusive seminal Black rock figure.  Read on. (tags: Betty+Davis bands history)

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links for 2007-07-27

Live365 Study Underscores Importance of Net Radio To Indie Music Thanks, Bruce, for highlighting this study, which show folks just how important it is to keep indie channels open and alive. (tags: Live365 internet+radio)

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Fear Of A Black President

esq-obama-0812-lg_nigel parry

Some excerpts from Ta-Nehisi Coates’s tour de force on Obama, race and the limits of integration.

GOOD READ: Hate Crimes Always Have A Logic: On The Oak Creek Gurudwara Shootings


A perspective on the Oak Creek, WI shootings from a member of the Sikh community

GOOD READ: Erykah Badu to Wayne Coyne: “Kiss my glittery ass!”


In case you missed it, Ms. Badu’s choice words to Mr. Coyne

GOOD READ: Jeff Chang On The Legacy of Chuck Brown


A worthwhile read on the go-go legend

GOOD READS: #TrayvonMartin Around The Web


So much conversation–and now maybe some justice–for this young man.

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