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Join the Felabration! Celebrate the life and music of Fela Anikulapo Kuti!

From our friends at Giant Step: In support of the Knitting Factory Records re-launch of Fela Kuti’s music catalogue, as well as the debut of the FELA! show on Broadway, Giant Step has organized official Felabration events in more than 15 cities across North America throughout the month of October; this outstanding schedule of Felabrations […]

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Saturday: Spike Lee's Birthday Bash for Michael

One major update: The event will take place in Prospect Park, according to the NY Times: It is official: Spike Lee’s party in honor of Michael Jackson’s birthday will be held in Brooklyn, but in Prospect Park, not in Fort Greene Park. The party will take place at the Nethermead, a meadow in the center […]

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Great writing on Michael Jackson: Greg Tate in The Village Voice

The other great piece on Michael was Greg Tate's tour de force in The Village Voice on Michael's legacy.  Tate, as you may know, is an author of three books, numerous essays, a founding member of the Black Rock Coalition, and now bandleader and music director of Burnt Sugar, a band that fuses rock, jazz, […]

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Great writing on Michael Jackson: Armond White in the NY Press

I've always been a huge fan of Armond White's (above in the photo by Nigel Perry).  Even when he was writing for the long-defunct City Sun, he brought an expansive knowledge of popular culture to bear in his critiques of music and film.  For him, there continues to be one standard of excellence.  So when […]

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Don't Be Cynical

It's easy to overlook an enemy that lurks within us all.  Here's what I mean. I sent this item yesterday via Twitter RT: @harryallen: What Cld It'd Do 4 Africa. RT @PopSciGuy: Solar Collectors over 0.3% of Sahara Could Power All Europe Got this response from a friend: Doesn't matter when 7 of the top […]

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SXSW09 Roundup: Quincy Jones keynote–3/19/09

I've been telling folks: I hear the word "keynote"–especially when attached to an icon like Quincy Jones–and I expect 20-30 minutes max from them.  But, Quincy, being the dean that he is, held forth for TWO AND A HALF HOURS!  I'm not going to try to recap the whole thing, but I will share my […]

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Odetta, 1930 – 2008, "a majestic figure in American music"

All of music's flags should be at half mast today.  Mourn the loss, but celebrate the life, I say.  So many people have already written so eloquently about Odetta Holmes that I'm not going to try to be original.  Rather, here are some great quotes that will give you some perspective on her impact. The […]

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Yes, we can, but hope is not enough!

As much as our CMJ showcase is important, the election on November 4 is moreso.  That’s why I urge all of you to take time over these last two weekends to get involved and help with the get out the vote efforts. Now, it’s probably clear to most of you that my family and I […]

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Broad shoulders, indeed

My wife sent me this photo yesterday.  A friend had forwarded it to her with a caption that said–and I’m paraphrasing–What must it feel like to have the expectations and hopes of an entire community on your shoulders? It’s kinda like this: On one hand, he’s been buoyed by the historical moment at which this […]

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Weekend preview #3: Kindred Cool photography exhibit—8/3

The friendship of giants Ralph Ellison, Romare Bearden, and Albert Murray inspires an exhibit of photos of contemporary musicians who’ve bonded through jazz. (above photo: James Hurt, Jacques Schwarz-Bart and Stephanie McKay) Yes, this could turn out to be another typical New York City weekend: Too many tantalizing options to choose from.  So, if you […]

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