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UPCOMING: Tamar-kali's sweet and bawdy "Cabaret Chocolat"–November 21

Tamar-Kali, our favorite hardcore warrior soul queen, puts a new twist on her excellent Psychochamber Ensemble. From the press release: Tamar-kali Brown curates a night of bawdy, sexy, cabaret-inspired entertainment.  Brown says she developed this show because “artists of color have largely been missing from the revival of cabaret performance” at venues like Spiegeltent and […]

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Do we have to call it "Black" rock?

Yes, and here’s why. It tends to be Black folks who ask me this question the most.  The follow-up is usually an attempt at refining the question: "I mean, why can’t it just be rock?"  Unpacked, this means they are exploring genres and modes of expression outside of what is typically understood to be Black […]

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Tonight: CNN Presents "Black in America"

Black In America- A CNN Investigation-Airing July 23rd &24thUploaded by thatsfunny Tonight, CNN begins a two-day series that "examines the successes, struggles, and complex issues faced by black men, women, and families — 40 years after the death of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr."  I think this will be engaging.  After all, Barack’s contention for […]

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Learning to be Michelle Obama

Can any of us imagine what it must’ve been like to be Black and at an Ivy League school in 1981?  The following quote is from a worthwhile read on how that experience shaped Michelle: "Princeton was a real crossroads of identity for Michelle," said Harvard Law School professor Charles J. Ogletree, who was her […]

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Skateboards and Black expression

God bless the New York Times.  The paper of record for the country has provided further evidence of the cultural shift taking place.  Another indication of the change in sensibilities among African Americans.  Back in May, I made note of Black skaters, but Sunday’s Style section piece takes a deeper look at the reasons why […]

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Black Skaters

Heading to the train tonight, I came across these two young men on the corner of Union Square West, skateboards in hand, engaged in a lively discussion.  Darrell (left) and Jason kindly agreed to pose for a photo, and we were able to talk for a few minutes about not only the challenges of being […]

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Naming Is Framing

When I was running PR for the BRC, I can’t remember “nigger” or its variations being used between Black folks in the scene.  Maybe it was a strong sense of community.  Perhaps it was gratitude for that sense of community that was forged out of the rejection by both the mainstream and African American culture […]

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Barack Obama is Black rock

The system break man, child, and women into figuresTwo columns for who is, and who ain’t niggaz                –Mos Def, “Mathematics” from Black on Both Sides The recent dustups that have swirled around him both within the Black community and outside of it highlight the prickly and complicated issue of Black […]

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