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So much Michael

Lots being written about the Michael Jackson in these days following his untimely death.  Here's just the tip of the iceberg that I've seen: VIbe Magazine's Danyel Smith: "He gave himself to the world. And Michael Jackson left nothing but blood on the dance floor." The Nation's John Nichols: "He projected into the world (the […]

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Pharrell: "Where's the Talent?"

Further evidence of the cultural shift we're experiencing.  This is an audio interview of Pharrell Williams by Billboard Editor Bill Werde.  I think it took place at the recent Billboard/Adweek Music & Advertising Conference. Hat tip: DailySwarm and NahRight.

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Recommended: Farai Chideya’s Black rock novel “Kiss The Sky”

A black rocker plugs in and tunes up songs in the key of her life I’m really excited for my friend and former NPR host Farai Chideya, whose funny and poignant debut novel drops on Tuesday.  What’s not to love here?  A novel published by a major publisher that’s set in the world of a […]

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SXSW09 Panel Recap: "A Dream Deferred: Black rock"

I had a great first experience at SXSW.  Austin's a great town (at least what I could see of it), the food's good (shout out to Marisco Grill on 6th Street and Ironworks BBQ on Red River), and just about everybody in the music industry was there. The real impetus for my trip was the […]

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Opening tonight: "Medicine for Melancholy"

IFC Films is starting the city-by-city rollout of Barry Jenkins' film tonight in NYC.  It's kind of a "Before Sunrise" with two black hipsters in San Francisco. You can read reviews in the  Village Voice or The NY Times, but here's what's got me excited to see this.  In his review of the film, Voice […]

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The 21st Century starts now

Gotta love this for so many reasons.

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We live in exponential times

  Those of you who’ve been reading this blog for a while know that context is really important to me.  It’s true that "it all depends on how you look at it," whatever it is.  So, this video has nothing to do with Black rock.  Or it has everything to do with it.  What it […]

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What is the role of “Black” rock in the age of Obama?

If you look at the post-election electoral map, you see that 90% of the country voted for Obama.  That’s a multicultural, multi-generational coalition of voters that came together across many socioeconomic boundaries.  Obama’s victory certainly says something about where we are as a country, that there has been a shift in sensibilities.  The Black rock […]

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The real difference between liberals and conservatives

  Forty-odd days til the election and this seems like an important point to understand.  So why does it seem like liberals and conservatives never seem to agree?  Is it simplistic to say that they just see the world differently?  Maybe not.  Check out this fascinating talk given at the 2008 TED conference by University […]

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Scary white people

So, yes, I had to tune into the Republican convention to see what hymns and songbook they’d be singing from.  Not surprisingly, it was a night of negativity, the likes of which I don’t think I’d ever seen.  I mean, really: It’s one thing when–as was the case in 2004–it’s two white guys going at […]

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