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Politics: What's Really Going On In Wisconsin

The plan: Break the unions to bring an end to progressive politics and permanently silence the middle class and the poor.

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The Best of 2010


Cuz y’all were probably wonderin’. . .

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HAPPENING: The World Festival of Black Arts & Culture


Providing some exciting momentum to the African Renaissance.

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Jeff Chang: More than politics, the real shift is cultural


The goings-on in the political sphere and why the progressive movement needs a cultural strategy.

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VIDEO: Willow Smith — "Whip My Hair"


Will Smith’s girl daughter gets her rocker vibe on

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FTW! Black Girls in Space + other scenes from Idea Festival 2010

nichelle nichols+janelle monae

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Two generations of space girls meet at a conference and. . .

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6 Things To Know About The Black Rock Audience


Research that begins to answer the question: “Just who IS the audience for black rock?”

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Are you a Thrival?


Thrivals. Post-modern blackness. Blaxploration. The new black imagination. It’s all related. Here’s further proof.

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Thanks, Dr. Laura, for that N-word rant


Says commentator Keli Goff: “Dr. Laura felt justified saying what she did because a host of rappers and comedians continue to validate her perspective.”

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Marcus Dowling: Kanye West Is Culture


“He’s sucking the marrow out of the most dramatically creative forces in the world. From emotional synthesized sounds to Takeshi Murakami to live orchestral backgrounds for Unplugged performances, and so many more examples, Kanye West lives only for the extremes of this universe, and in doing so is one of the most polarizing figures of […]

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