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SUPPORT IT! Duriel Harris’s “Thingification”


@thingification1’s kickstarter needs your support m4s0n501

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Crowdfunded Project: “Dispatches From (A)mended America”


Hundreds of interviews in the South turn into a theatrical production about race

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Crowdfunded Project: Akosua Owusu’s Kwaku Ananse


A promising filmmaker uses a Ghanaian fable as a springboard to a modern story

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SUPPORT IT: Nona Hendryx Tour Pledge Drive

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Be part of the crowdsourced funding effort that could bring Nona Hendryx to a city near you!

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Godspeed: Black Sci-Fi On The Horizon

GODSPEED horiz poster_bitly

Using identity to explore what extraterrestrial contact might be like

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