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"Yes, We Can"–The video for Barack Obama

Of course, we can talk about change til we’re blue in the face, but tomorrow’s the day–Super Tuesday–when 22 or so states will have their primary voting.  So, it’s vitally important that those of us who can actually do go to the polls and pull a lever. For me, it comes down to this: We’re […]

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Gladwell on the Black-White I.Q. Gap

In reviewing James Flynn’s "What is Intelligence?", Malcolm Gladwell comes to the following conclusion: I.Q. measures not just the quality of a person’s mind but the quality of the world that person lives in. This should put to rest all of those who want to make the case that Blacks are somehow intellectually inferior to […]

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The Carolina Chocolate Drops

Speaking of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, it turns out they have a song on the soundtrack for the new Denzel Washington movie, "The Great Debaters," which tells the story of an African American debate team from Wiley College and their 1935 national victory over the University of Southern California (Harvard in the film).  Given the […]

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Vote for The Smyrk on MTV2

You may recall that Doron Flake mentioned that The Smyrk is in the thick of MTV2’s Dew Circuit Breakout Competition.  Here’s the latest:  This round of voting has been extended until Sunday, November 4.  At that point, the current field of 12 will be narrowed to six (6).  It’s a big deal, since the winners […]

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Art Exhibit: Forgive?

If you’re looking for something cultural to check out tomorrow afternoon, visit the opening of Laylah Amatullah Barrayn’s exhibit.  This is a group show that she’s curating and all of the works included "contemplate the notion of forgiveness through depictions of ideas, moments and faith." Sunday, September 9, 20073:00pm – 6:00pmThe Gallery at Harriet’s Alter […]

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The cultural shift towards Black rock

I look to examples in books, film, theater and a few other places in order to make the case that there’s something happening "out there," and that thing is Black rock.

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BoldasLIVE: Defining Black rock

At the BoldasLIVE launch, context was important.  Therefore, I did my best to orient the audience to the way I’m defining Black rock.  Of course, I borrowed heavily from an earlier post.

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Seen in NYC: Afropunk graffiti

Another sign–literally–of the cultural shift taking place.  At the very least, the idea of Afropunk has evolved to the point where someone can use it as a marker of their presence and know that others will see and recognize it.  Meaning has been made.  Seen at the Metropolitan Avenue stop on the G line in […]

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Blogger to watch (or read): Dave Wonfor

Gotta love Google Alerts. Thanks to this wonderful tool, I came across music writing by Diamond Dave Wonfor out of the UK.  His seems to be a recently started blog, but there’s some good stuff here already, like his series on Funkadelic and Black Rock.  You can read parts one, two and three.  These pieces […]

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What is Black rock?

I’ll start by saying that it’s more than simply rock played by black people, though that’s part of it.  Referencing Living Colour gets people in the zone, but doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story. As it was used when I was involved with the Black Rock Coalition (BRC)—and I’m sure is still used by the […]

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