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Yes, we can, but hope is not enough!

As much as our CMJ showcase is important, the election on November 4 is moreso.  That’s why I urge all of you to take time over these last two weekends to get involved and help with the get out the vote efforts. Now, it’s probably clear to most of you that my family and I […]

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Weekend Preview: MoveOn for Obama Parties–9/21

o-ba-ma o-ba-ma o-ba-ma o-ba-ma o-ba-ma o-ba-ma o-ba-ma o-ba-ma Originally uploaded by litherland. We’ll get the future we deserve.  Or the one we work for. You know the good thing that’s coming as a result of the McCain-Palin ticket?  A lot more people are clear about what’s at stake in this election: Our future and that […]

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Remembering 9-11 via Leonard Bernstein

Honoring the memory of what was lost and the hope for what is yet to be built. Bill Bragin sent a note around today that talks about the quote that he has used in his electronic signature since 9-11.  It’s from the great Leonard Bernstein and it reads: "This will be our reply to violence:to […]

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Where to find Black rock

Last week, a woman named Akua found this site.  Her question was simple: A question for you: do you have any suggestions for finding people who are into black rock to talk to and hang out with or bands to go see?  I’m in the Boston area. So what follows is an expansion on the […]

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URB Alt launches social network

Earlier this week, Boston Fielder launched a social network around his ever-growing URB Alt Festival (check here for the LA dates in October!).  It joins Afropunk as another online destination at which Black rockers, their sympathizers and compatriots can gather. Stop by and hang out sometime.

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Black Weblog Awards Update

Bold As Love didn’t make it to the finals.  No worries: There’s always next year.  In the meantime, please take a minute to check out the list of blogs that were selected.  Who knows?  You’ll probably discover some new favorites to bookmark.  If you see some you like, consider taking a minute to vote. Additional […]

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Last Call: Bold As Love & the Black Weblog Awards

Two more days to get those first round votes in and I’d really appreciate your vote.  Saturday, August 16 is it!  Again, the categories I’m suggesting you nominate Bold As Love for (’cause I’m not allowed to nominate my own blog) are: Best music blog Best culture blog Blog to watch If you’ve not already […]

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Empathy and perspective

Let’s not forget the key ingredients that are critical for moving Black rock forward. I can be cavalier and dismissive of commercial hip-hop and R&B and the artists who create it.  And there’s lots of reasons to do so: With subject matter that rarely ranges beyond parties and bullshit, I’ve certainly lowered my expectations for […]

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Vote for Bold As Love in the Black Weblog Awards

The nominations are open and I’d really appreciate your vote.  The categories I’m suggesting you nominate me for (’cause I’m not allowed to nominate my own blog) are: Best music blog Best culture blog Blog to watch If you’ve not already done so, you can click here to start the process.  The top three nominees […]

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Nominate Bold As Love for a Black Weblog Award

On Friday, August 1, nominations are open for the 2008 Black Weblog Awards,and I’d love to have Bold As Love in the running.  However, in a nod to true democratic process, I can’t nominate my own blog.  Therefore, I’m asking readers for this simple favor: If you’re a regular reader and you find the blog […]

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