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Tour dates, please!

Are you a Black rock or Afro-punk band that's got a tour set up?  If so, let me know and I'll run the dates.  Send them to me in "standard" format: Date       Venue     City, State Feel free to send it either in the body of the email or as an attached word document.  I just […]

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Coming soon: A Black rock audience survey

Next week, I'm launching a survey of the Black rock audience.  Can't help it: It's the marketer in me.  The other reason I'm doing it is because I'm working on a book about Black rock, and I believe a survey will add some credence .  An aside: Yes, everything you've heard about writing a book […]

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Where to find Black rock (redux)

I thought I good way to end 2008 and to start 2009 would be to refresh a post I did back in August on some of the places the Black rock community gathers online.  Therefore, without further ado, this is what I submitted for my column this week. “So where can I find Black […]

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End of the year giving

Two more days left in 2008.  While many of us are getting into a reflective mood, there's still ongoing work that needs to be done to help improve our communities. But where to start? One good place is  This comes immediately to mind because my wife and I gave a donation on behalf of […]

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Catch up with me on other social networks

Yes, and I are Web 2.0-enabled.  In plain english, that means you can find me on some of the other social networks. In addition to talking about Black rock ( I syndicate the RSS feed from this blog there), I get into other areas of interest including businesss, marketing, comics and culture, and all […]

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Looking for guest contributors!

Sometime in February will mark the two year anniversary of  I took a quick look at some stats and here's what I found:  Since its inception, I've generated 291 posts.  You all have contributed 239 comments. Thank you. But I'm also thinking about ways to make this space more useful, and here's what I've […]

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Rockin' out of a hard place

NPR ran a piece this week by teenager Josetta Adams (right), a Caribbean-American girl who lives in Brooklyn’s East Flatbush and listens to rock.  She got into it as a way to deal with her depression.  She saw it as one of her only viable options because, as she goes onto talk about in the […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for your continuing support, interest and feedback.  I hope you are all having a great and relaxing day with your families.

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NBAF Launches Social Network

Glad to learn that the National Black Arts Festival (NBAF), which just celebrated its 20th anniversary, recently launched a social network.  I'm just now getting to know Leatrice Ellzy, who manages programming for the festival and who oversaw the rollout of this initiative.  What I can say is that she's on point: It's great to […]

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Election Day 2008

Today is the day. Lines are long and getting longer.  I stood in line about an hour.  Your wait may be longer.  Or shorter, who knows.  The cool thing was watching people who were on their way to work.  They’d look at the long line and just smile.  That’s right: we’ve got an engaged electorate! […]

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