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HAPPENING: The World Festival of Black Arts & Culture


Providing some exciting momentum to the African Renaissance.

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Artist Survival in a Music 2.0 World


The new rules are fairly simple: He (or she) with the strongest connection to their fan communities wins.

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We Make Us Better: Taking action against crime


Young, successful black men come together to help their Bed-Stuy community in the wake of crime.

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Reasons why your vote is important tomorrow


Some facts before Election Day.

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Check out The New Black Fest through October 17


Next gen voices in the theater + me on the decks!

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Vote for the BRC to get a Pepsi Refresh grant


The BRC is up for a $250K grant. Please vote for it!

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FTW! Black Girls in Space + other scenes from Idea Festival 2010

nichelle nichols+janelle monae

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Two generations of space girls meet at a conference and. . .

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Help end violence against women and girls–9/28


Here’s how you can help protect women and girls around the world.

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6 Things To Know About The Black Rock Audience


Research that begins to answer the question: “Just who IS the audience for black rock?”

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Help Valerie June fund her first album


An artist digitally passes the hat to get her first album funded. Check it out.

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