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Kandia Crazy Horse joins The Village Voice

Rock critic extraordinaire unleashes her fierce intellect from Cooper Square and springs to Princeton in 2009! Congrats go out to fellow traveler Kandia Crazy Horse who will start next week as Senior Associate Editor at The Village Voice.  She’s also the recipient of the prestigious Anschutz Distinguished Fellowship in American Studies and will be spending […]

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Primordial Punk launch party–Friday, July 11

Speaking of Afropunk, an event to look forward to is Friday night’s Primordial Punk Debutante Ball.  This event is basically the launch of the Primordial Punk calendar, which features brown, tattooed punk rock girls, all tastefully presented.  The brainchild of Luqman Brown (singer, songwriter and bandleader of Funkface and runs Buddha Bug Records), LaRonda Davis […]

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Scenes from Afropunk 2008

I headed over to BAM to catch a screening of Afropunk founder James Spooner’s  new film "White Lies, Black Sheep".  Good stuff.  Stay tuned for a video interview with James later this week.  In the meantime, here are some of the sights. The skate park in full effect James doing the Q&A thang Ayinde Howell, […]

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Party @ Don and Beth's

I’m not usually around Brooklyn over Memorial Day weekend, so I was a bit surprised to find out that there were actually a lot of parties to attend.  The one I was able to go to was being thrown by Don Palmer and Beth Fredrick over in Fort Greene.  Not only was it packed, but […]

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Bill Bragin, "Downtown Impresario"

Really happy to see that my friend Bill Bragin got props in the New York Times today.  For those of you who don’t know Bill, he’s put his superb musical tastes to work in service of Festival Productions, Central Park Summerstage, Joe’s Pub, and now at Lincoln Center, where he’ll be directing the Midsummer Night’s […]

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Excellence and Black literature

Here’s some non-music related news: My wife, Bridgett Davis, had a piece published today on Henry Louis Gates’ new Web site, The Root.  In it, she argues against the lumping of all Black novels under the term "urban fiction".  For example, she states When did we stop applauding excellence? Consider what it takes to write […]

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More bloggers on the crisis in Kenya

In addition to our friend Tavia’s new blog on the Kenyan crisis, Emeka Okafor (who was  shouted out by for his blog on African entrepreneurship) also launched a blog on the subject called Kenyan Emergency. Please support this one, as well.

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Bluegum blogger Tavia Nyong'o on Kenya

Tavia Nyong’o, one half of the Bluegum team, has started a new blog to cover the situation in his homeland, Kenya.  You can read Kenya Patriot by clicking here. Subscribe and support, please.

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Happy Holidays!

Christmas is nearly over, and it’s been a day filled with laughter, family and lots of good food.  I hope your holiday has been peaceful and rejuvenating, and that you finish the year strong.  I’m excited about all the possibilities for 2008, and look forward to working smart to make them happen. Happy holidays!

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St. Clair Bourne, 1943 – 2007

One of our great documentary filmmakers, St. Clair Bourne, passed away earlier this week.  Our friends over at Audiologo have a great post that includes a New York Times profile and a link to a video interview with him.

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