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The Q&A: Chef Mama Cocoa

Credit: Clarence Franklin

A Bowie, MD confectioner gets ready for her national closeup

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Help Stop SOPA and PIPA


Two dangerous pieces of legislation are making their way through Congress. Here’s what you need to know.

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CNN’s “Black In America” Takes on Silicon Valley–November 13


Black entrepreneurs break into the Silicon Valley club

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REVIEW: Umair Haque – “The New Capitalist Manifesto” (Harvard Business Review Press)


A look at 21st century capitalism–and its implications for 21st century culture

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Artist Survival in a Music 2.0 World


The new rules are fairly simple: He (or she) with the strongest connection to their fan communities wins.

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New Business Models for the Music Industry


There’s money to be made in music, but you gotta think different. Here’s how.

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The world we're living in. . .

. . .and making music in, and trying to reach fans in, and trying to grow audiences in.  What does it all mean for what you do? I think the deepest bullet point is at the end: The ROI of social media is your company will still exist in 5 years. Additional link: Eric Qualman's […]

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Vans drops Bad Brains sneaks and tees

  These just dropped last week.  I'd go for the hi-tops, although I wonder how they'd really look in 13's.  If you want to see the tees, click on the link in the press release and then search for "Bad Brains tees". Vans also sponsors Killswitch Engage, Murs, and Ben Harper. Additional link: Bad Brains […]

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He's right

For those of you who have an interest in the business of music and, if you don’t read him already, you really should check out Bob Lefsetz.  His is definitely an opinionated view of what’s ailing the music industry.  Many of his post sound like rants.  But, for the most part, he’s on point. Take […]

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