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LISTEN: Interview with Josef Wladyka, director of ‘Manos Sucias’

Josef Wlaydka (right) with 'Manos Sucias' DP/writer Alan Blanco

Listen in as @MediaManWatch inteviews #ManosSucias director Josef Wlaydka

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Introducing: Tendaberry

Atlanta Afro-Punk quartet Tendaberry stops by the studio to talk about their experience as a group forming and beginning to come into their own in the Atlanta music scene. In this pod we talk at length about the Atlanta Indie Rock scene, the AUC (Morehouse, Clark-Atlanta & Spelman) music and arts scene and about what […]

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Stew: "I credit the people who loved me."

This is a really special podcast, people.  Not only did I get a few minutes to talk with Stew as "Passing Strange" is about to debut on Broadway, but we had an amazing discussion.  The important question that we addressed was this: How do you create art that is universal, that is rooted in the […]

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Rock journalist Kandia Crazy Horse

  This is one interview that I’ve had in the can for over a month and, unfortunately, just couldn’t get it together to post. That said, I’m happy to share this interview that I did with Kandia Crazy Horse, an award-winning music journalist and editor of "Rip It Up: The Black Experience in Rock ‘n’ […]

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The Smyrk's Doron Flake

Doron Flake (l) with bandmates Chris Barone, Nick Logan and Ari Sadowitz As many of you know, I’ve been following The Smyrk since I first heard them back in the summer.  Since they have an upcoming CMJ showcase on Saturday (info below), I figured it would be a perfect time to catch up with Doron […]

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The Family Stand: Fighting "Incestuous Creativity"

  L to R: V. Jeffrey Smith, Sandra St. Victor, Peter Lord Tomorrow marks the start of the three-day countdown to the next BoldasLIVE and The Family Stand.  I realize that I’ve been running under the assumption that everyone knows who they are, but it’s just that: An assumption.  So, here’s a little preview of […]

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Weekend Preview: Restoration Rocks Festival

I sometimes say that Brooklyn is Black rock, and a weekend like this one coming up just proves my point.  Saturday afternoon, the place to be is going to be Restoration Plaza for the Restoration Rocks Festival, a celebration of the community development center’s 40th anniversary.  Organizing the festival is Brian Tate who is, among […]

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Preview: Michaela angela Davis on The Family Stand, "our generation's great band"

I’ve gotten a lot of calls and e-mails about the upcoming BoldasLIVE event this Sunday, September 16 featuring The Family Stand.  One of the consistent questions is, “What’s an ‘Urbanista’?”  So, rather than try to explain Michaela and all of her fabulousness, I thought I’d let you hear it directly from her. I passed the […]

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BoldasRADIO_#1: Maureen Mahon interview


This is a long overdue interview.  I’ve known Maureen for years and was the first person from the BRC that she interviewed for what would eventually become Right to Rock: The Black Rock Coalition and the Cultural Politics of Race (Duke University Press, 2004).  Of course, once I decided to see how deep the Black […]

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