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What’s up with the site? I’ll tell you. . .

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VIDEO: My SXSW interview with Death

Thanks to Laina Dawes for alerting me that the SXSW team posted a portion of my sit-down Bobby Hackney, Dannis Hackney and Bobby Duncan. In this clip, they discuss the naming of the band, how they found their producer, and their near-meeting with Gladys Knight. Thanks again to everyone who donated so that I could […]

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Is America's "Race Music" Past Hurting Janelle Monae?

That's the question posed by Latoya Peterson of race and pop culture blog Racialicious on  I'm honored that she thought to get my opinion on the subject.  Here's where she quoted me: But is radio the only path to success for musicians like Monae? Former music industry PR professional Rob Fields says no. Currently […]

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My playlist from the WRFB launch — May 4, 2010

Over 500 people joined us for the launch of WRFB last night!  And thanks to all who tuned in, not just for my show, but for the segments hosted by YankeeZulu, Christian Wikane and Shelley Nicole. I'll have info on a link to the podcast shortly.  In the meantime, here's my set list (song/artist/time/album): Ready […]

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Hear me on Internet radio starting Tuesday, May 4

Actually, it's not just me.  No, I'll be joined by three other dope hosts for the launch of WRFB (which, by the way does NOT stand for Rob Fields Broadcasting), Radio Free Brooklyn. In addition to me, you'll also hear from Yankee Zulu, Christian John Wikane, and Shelley Nicole of Shelley Nicole's blaKbushe. You can […]

Read More 0 Comments's "20 People You Should Follow on Twitter"

I'm honored, too, to have been included in this list, which just came out yesterday.  And way beyond the fact that I'm in it, there are hella talented and dynamic folks in this group.  Here they are in the order that they appear: Olympia Scott, WNBA champion Latoicha Givens, intellectual property lawyer Daymond John, FUBU […]

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My (second) interview on Afronerd Radio–February 28, 2010

I was honored to be asked back on Afronerd Radio by host Desmond Burton to talk with Post Black author Ytasha Womack about alternative black culture, why there’s so much minstrelsy (Desmond feels) in the age of Obama, and what can be done about it.  You can listen below. Cool, too, that Sergio Mims, of […]

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My "Post Black" interview

It’s exciting that more people are noticing the cultural shift that I’ve been talking about–and this community has, in some ways, been driving–for the last three years.  Case in point is author Ytasha Womack, whose new book, Post Black: How A New Generation Is Redefining African American Identity,  examines that broad cultural forces that are […]

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Great press coverage of the compilation

Since it's release in mid-October, our compilation is approaching 10,000 downloads on  First, I've got to take a minute and thank all of you who've downloaded it thusfar, those of you who've spread the word via your social media channels (huge thank you to the massive on Twitter and FB!), as well as […]

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Bold as Love catches up with Atlanta's The Doll Daze

We catch up with TheDollDaze to talk to her about her sound, her new EP “The Acid Report” and to get a sense of her journey as an artist in the Atlanta scene.

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