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The cultural shift towards Black rock

I look to examples in books, film, theater and a few other places in order to make the case that there’s something happening "out there," and that thing is Black rock.

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BoldasLIVE: Defining Black rock

At the BoldasLIVE launch, context was important.  Therefore, I did my best to orient the audience to the way I’m defining Black rock.  Of course, I borrowed heavily from an earlier post.

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Photos from Sunday's launch

You’re going to hear me say this more than once over the next few days: Sunday’s launch was an amazing afternoon of history, magic and inspiration.  I’m still blown away that Nona Hendryx launched this series.  My deep and sincere thanks to her an her manager, Vicki Wickham, for helping to arrange everything.  Also, much […]

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Slides from BoldasLIVE's launch

It’s late.  I’m tired, but exhilarated.  It was a great afternoon of discussion and music.  And Nona got the crowd on their feet! I will definitely be sharing some of the video here and on the BoldasLIVE site.  In the meantime, I wanted to start with the slideshow I’d put together.  More to come, I […]

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Questions for Nona Hendryx?

  This post is simple and to the point: If you’ve got any questions for Nona in advance of Sunday’s event, please leave them here in the comments section.  I’ll be collecting them over the next few days and will pass them along to Nona and her interviewer, Nick Charles.

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New live event platform for Black rock launches!

Yes, I’ve been silent for a while.  My apologies, particularly to those who may have lost faith in me.  Good news is that it hasn’t been for naught.  I’ve been working on a project that will, I think, extend the work and mission of this blog into new areas. What’s kept me out of the […]

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Weekend Music: BRC Series and URB ALT Festival Begins

The BRC begins its June/Black Music Month Friday series tonight at Symphony Space.  There series is "Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll" and it explores the roots of rock music.  The lineups are as follows: June 8Katreese Barnes and Krystle Warren June 15Tamar-Kali & Earth Driver June 22BRC All-Star Tribute to James Brown (a reprise of this […]

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“They’re doing the Electric Slide, so it must be Black music!”

(clockwise from top left: The Smyrk; Jerome and Luqman of Funkface; Brian Tate and Neycha during the Shrine for the Black Madonna set; Jordan and the crew; Kudu; the crowd; the Electric Sliders; Neycha during her acoustic set) For the most part, the rain held off, so the Brooklyn Best Fest, with its decidedly Black […]

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BoldAsLIVE 5.10.07: Shelley Nicole’s Blakbushe @ Fat Baby NYC

Yes, I’m a little slow on getting this one up.  But the show stuck in my mind because it was a reunion of sorts.  See, years ago, I managed Remileku and her drummer was Clayton Craddock and the backup singer was Shelley Nicole.  As ever, Clayton held it down with his signature mix of fire […]

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BoldAsLIVE: Passing Strange, or the Coming of Age of a Black Rocker

Since this past October when I started writing about Black rock, I continue to get indications that we’re in the midst of an exciting cultural shift that’s been building for many years.  By that, I mean that this idea of Black rock is manifesting itself in the culture in different forms.  Granted, there are a […]

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