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BoldasLIVE CMJ Showcase

I’m currently in the early stages of putting together a showcase at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon.  It’ll be slightly different from the BoldasLIVE format that I rolled out last year with Nona Hendryx and The Family Stand.  For CMJ, it’ll be a straight showcase: I’m thinking it’ll be 4-5 artists/bands from across the Black […]

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The Family Stand Reloaded

As I assemble the elements for the 2008 season of BoldasLIVE (funding be the most important!), I wanted to share an edit of one of the events from the fall.  In true indie spirit, I’ve been fortunate to have some folks step up to help edit the footage from September’s BoldasLIVE event, which featured The […]

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The Family Stand's Advice to Up-and-Coming Artists

One of the great things about these forums that have been created with BoldasLIVE is that younger, up-and-coming artists get to pick the brains and benefit from the experiences of artists who are more established.  The recent sit-down with The Family Stand was no different.  In this segment, Sandra and Peter respond to the question […]

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BoldasLIVE event slides: The Family Stand

As was the case with Nona Hendryx, I created a slideshow that provided some visuals for the audience prior to the show started.  Of course, it also gave me a chance to highlight my sponsors and supports.  Enjoy!

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The Family Stand @ BoldasLIVE–September 16, 2007

Hey, People! Thanks so much to everyone who came out to support BoldasLIVE and The Family Stand.  It was another afternoon for the history books and memory banks!  There are so many thoughts swirling in my head right now that I have to come back later with a more thoughtful post. In fact, I want […]

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The Family Stand: Fighting "Incestuous Creativity"

  L to R: V. Jeffrey Smith, Sandra St. Victor, Peter Lord Tomorrow marks the start of the three-day countdown to the next BoldasLIVE and The Family Stand.  I realize that I’ve been running under the assumption that everyone knows who they are, but it’s just that: An assumption.  So, here’s a little preview of […]

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Weekend Preview: Restoration Rocks Festival

I sometimes say that Brooklyn is Black rock, and a weekend like this one coming up just proves my point.  Saturday afternoon, the place to be is going to be Restoration Plaza for the Restoration Rocks Festival, a celebration of the community development center’s 40th anniversary.  Organizing the festival is Brian Tate who is, among […]

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Preview: Michaela angela Davis on The Family Stand, "our generation's great band"

I’ve gotten a lot of calls and e-mails about the upcoming BoldasLIVE event this Sunday, September 16 featuring The Family Stand.  One of the consistent questions is, “What’s an ‘Urbanista’?”  So, rather than try to explain Michaela and all of her fabulousness, I thought I’d let you hear it directly from her. I passed the […]

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Two sides to cultural appropriation

Nona makes a great point here: As much as Black culture is co-opted, there’s an equal amount of abandonment that happens because we don’t value what we’ve created.

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BoldasLIVE: Nona Hendryx performs "Transformation"

One of the highlights, of course, was the performance section.  Here, Nona is joined by guitarist extraordinaire Ronny Drayton and bassist Warren McRae.  This completely shot the energy in the room through the roof.

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