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It's About the Audience

Funny what happens when you have time away from an ongoing project.  One thing is that you have a chance for reflection.  It’s at that point that you may (re)discover a kernel of what originally motivated you to begin your endeavors.  In my case, my time away from the blog has been due to the […]

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Two sides to cultural appropriation

Nona makes a great point here: As much as Black culture is co-opted, there’s an equal amount of abandonment that happens because we don’t value what we’ve created.

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Transforming Community Into Movement

So, I’m having coffee with my friend Danny this morning, and we start talking about Black rock.  I reiterate my interest in bringing more of an audience the music, not necessarily figuring out better ways to market bands to the audience.  He then states—and I’m paraphrasing badly here: “You gotta find a band.  The only […]

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Explaining “Black rock” to a seven-year-old

Tonight, my son asks me, “What’s Black rock?” and I realized that any answer I gave him would be filled with references to concepts that he wouldn’t understand.  So, I’m on the hunt for a simple definition.  It’s not enough to tell him, as I did in an earlier post, that Black rock is an […]

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Breaking the Frame

You’re either in… or out! Originally uploaded by Cordeiro. The way we frame Black rock is critical.  In an effort to prove it’s different from what’s available to the masses, Black rock has fallen into the corporate pigeonholing trap where everything requires a specific label (no pun intended!), it’s own little box.  Unfortunately, Black rock’s […]

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Testing the Waters

An article in today’s LA Times explores how the production team behind the soundtrack to Dreamgirls had to ensure that the music appealed to young fans while not alienating longtime fans of the musical.  Clearly, they met the challenge, since the soundtrack album went to the top of the album charts in January. The most […]

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