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Kandia Crazy Horse on Game Rebellion

Props to rock critic par excellence Kandia Crazy Horse, who holds court in this week’s Village Voice on the one and only Game Rebellion.  They’re a band that was all over this blog’s Best of 2007 lists, and for good reason. Like Kandia, I first experienced them at last summer’s Restoration Rocks festival in Bed-Stuy.  […]

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Ebony: "What Does Black Sound Like?"

As many of you know, June somehow became designated as "Black music month".  We can get into THAT discussion at another point.  However, one thing I’m pleased to see is that venerable Ebony magazine  waded into the shifting cultural currents with their June 2008 issue.  This is a good conversation starter for the African American […]

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J*Davey and the ongoing cultural shift

Ok, so I was on the list for this show, but couldn’t quite get it together.  Thankfully, the Times has coverage of this past Sunday’s show that also featured Taylor McFerrin and the group Heavy.  Anyway, while I’m looking forward to hearing the J*Davey album, this nugget further reinforces my point of about an ongoing […]

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NPR (and I) look at the legacy of Bo Diddley

I had the pleasure of being asked to be on NPR’s News and Notes with Farai Chideya today to talk about Bo Diddley’s impact on music.  Funny what you can (and can’t) get in inside of just over 8 minutes. One of the things that I really love about being involved in Black rock is […]

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Rock is the new Black

So writes Jim Farber of the NY Daily News, as he gets into the whys of the mainstreaming of Black rock: So, why are such stunning changes happening now? Observers cite the same factor that has had the greatest impact on culture in general: the Internet. With digital downloads, "people now hear music before they […]

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I Believe in Santogold. . .And So Does Bud Light

Yep, that’s Santi White’s "Creator" being used as theme music for the new Bud Light commercials.  This will only add to the buzz that preceded her recent release, "Santogold". Marketing trade publication Advertising Age covered the song’s inclusion this week. FYI: Santogold will be at Central Park Summerstage on Sunday, July 20. Santogold on MySpace.

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Check out Maureen’s interview with Stew on  Here’s the opening: For years, the singer/songwriter/guitarist known as Stew has led the band The Negro Problem and won accolades for his cleverly subversive lyrics and melodic arrangements. Now, he’s using the wit and attitude honed on the alternative rock circuit to expand the possibilities of the […]

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"Yes, We Can"–The video for Barack Obama

Of course, we can talk about change til we’re blue in the face, but tomorrow’s the day–Super Tuesday–when 22 or so states will have their primary voting.  So, it’s vitally important that those of us who can actually do go to the polls and pull a lever. For me, it comes down to this: We’re […]

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Santogold and Lenny Kravitz

In case you missed it,  Santi White was featured in an article in the Sunday NY Times called "Hip Hop’s Newest Faces: Indie, Fierce and Female".  “She appeals very broadly,” said Martin Heath, the founder of Lizard King Records, which signed Stiffed and is jointly releasing Santogold’s debut album with Downtown. “She’s not cliché one […]

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"Passing Strange" starts its Broadway run on February 8

Regular readers of this blog know that I am a huge fan of Stew’s musical, Passing Strange, having been fortunate enough to see it during its run at the Public Theater last summer.  Good news is that this Black rock musical is set to open at the Belasco Theater on February 8.  This is a […]

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