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Best of 2007: Faith, David Ryan Harris, The Family Stand, Habib Koite

And the beat goes on!  Keep those favorite lists comin’, folks!  This has been great.  Thanks to everyone who’s submitted their lists thusfar.  And there’s definitely room for more, so don’t be shy (I haven’t bitten anyone in a long time, really). Back to the shout outs: Moist Paula Henderson, NYC/Moisturizer and Secretary Apollo Heights, […]

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Best of 2007: Reese, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Common, Soma Mestizo, Brig Feltus, Krystle Warren, + still more!

Continuing the thread, here are more lists submitted by the following people: Dragons of Zynth, NYC DOZ sez: "Everyday all day Lil Weezy" Shyndigg, NYC/Digg Deep Reese, New Fire: Pain B4 PleasureTarrah Reynolds M Maya Azucena, Junkyard Jewel Nhojj, Soul Comfort (’08)Digg Deep, InDIGGnant (me & my band!) Kandia Crazy Horse, NYC/rock critic & Bluegum […]

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Best of 2007: Alice Smith, Shawn Hewitt, Black Kids, Santogold + more!

More of what you wore out this year.  Continuing the previous post.  Drumroll, please. Nichelle Stephens, NYC/comedy impresario Alice Smith, For Lovers, Dreamers and MeSantogold, Santogold EP Graph Nobel, Los Angeles/singer, songwriter Noisettes, What’s the time Mr. WolfDon CashShawn Hewitt & The National Strike, The Soft Society EPSaul Williams, The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of […]

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Best of 2007: Game Rebellion, Apollo Heights, Skindred, Saul Williams, Kenna, Earl Greyhound + a bunch more!

What’s cool about this is that I’m getting turned onto a lot of other bands that are outside of NYC.  This goes to my hypothesis from the first BoldasLIVE that there are LOTS of Black rock bands out there (actually, I said there were probably thousands).  So, you’ve probably surmised that this will be a […]

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Best Black rock releases of 2007. . .?

I was planning my roundup of what I thought some of the great Black rock /Afropunk/Ghetto Metal/urban alternative /progressive black music releases were this year, but then I remembered that this isn’t really about me.  Rather, I think it will be much more interesting to find out what you’ve been wearing out on your MP3 […]

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