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Best of 2008: Subtle, J*Davey, Q-Tip, Black Kids, Swear On Your Life, The Mars Volta + still more!

Some good stuff that's come in.  Damn, I think I need an iTunes gift card. . . Sketch, Maryland, composer, cartoonist, renegade Gnarls Barkley-The Odd CoupleKanye West-808 & Heart BreakSantogold-SantogoldN.E.R.D.-Seeing Sounds Howard Duffy, Brooklyn, architect & design guru, HTD Studio Santogold – Santogold Michael Mills (leadsinger/guitarist for California King, Production Designer/Decorator) BROOKLYN, NY TV on […]

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Best of 2008: Tricky, Kameron Korvet, Ben Kenney, Stew, M.I.A + many more!

More really good responses coming in for the Best of 2008 lists.  Yes, there's still time to submit yours. Let's continue: Rose Huang, NYC, culinary aficionado Rose sez: "A Band Called Pain.  We need to bring them out here!!" Elise Chance-Mussen, Planet Brooklyn, NY, Rock star in my head SANTOGOLD!!!!tv on the radio m.i.a. (i […]

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Best of 2008: Gnarls Barkley, Little Jackie, One Day As A Lion, Kissey Asplund, Fancy + more!

Let's get started with this year's roundup: Christian John Wikane, NYC, music journalist Brothertunes: "Starship" (Nation Music) produced by Van Hunt; awesomeGnarls Barkley: "Going On" (Downtown) I'm going with 'emRichie Havens: "Lives in the Balance" (Verve) truth embodiedAngela Johnson/Rahsaan Patterson: "Dream Flight" (Purpose) fierece combinationLabelle: "Candlelight" (Verve) those harmonies!Little Jackie: "28 Butts" (S-Curve) capital "A" […]

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VIDEO: 2008 Best of Black rock redux

If I'd been thinking, I would've done this first.  Anyway, here's the quick and dirty version of "Best of 2008" announcement.

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Best Black rock releases of 2008. . .?

Up-and-comers Free Era It's December, so in addition to it being holiday time, it's also time for the roundup of Best Black rock releases of 2008.  As was the case last year, this is completely up to you, the readers.  I'm not trying to come up with a ranked list like other publications.  Rather […]

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The best posts of 2007

116 posts and counting, all in just under a year.  And what a year it’s been!  Still so much more great music to discover and share, so many more people to meet who can become part of this community.  But, before I move on, here’s a roundup of posts from the past year.  I consider […]

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Best of 2007: Chaka Khan, Somi, Afrofraktal, Brazz Tree, Cornel West, Graham Haynes + the list goes on. . . !

Since the submissions are slowing down, I think this may be one of the last posts on the subject.  Remember, you can check out all the submissions by clicking here. For this post, shoutouts to the following people: Bruce Mack, Brooklyn and Jersey inna house!/Producer, composer, founder of Tricky Dilemma 1. Sharon Jones & The […]

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Best of 2007: Otto Fischer, Spitshine, Tay Zonday, Little Dragon, Shrine for the Black Madonna, Wicked Wisdom + so many more!

Thanks again to everyone who offered their congrats after this blog was honored last week by  Since then, some additional lists have come in and I wanted to share shout outs from as many of you as choose to participate.  Remember: You can view the entire set of posts by scrolling down and clicking […]

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What a great way to start the new year!  The ongoing "Best of Black rock releases" series has been chosen by as one of The Most Important Blog Posts of 2007.  As I wrote in the comments to that post, it’s really humbling and I’m very appreciative of this honor.  Here’s what they wrote: […]

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Best of 2007: Killswitch Engage, Sharon Jones, Lightspeed Champion, The Mighty Paradocs, Vernon Reid + even more!

Now that we’re past the Christmas hump, let’s continue the list.  More good stuff coming in from the community, such as: Karen Durant, NYC/manager and music entrepreneur Karen sez: "I’ve been in the lab working on what I hope to be a few of 2008’s best releases. I can name-check my faves for 2008, songwriter/vocalist […]

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