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Naming Is Framing

When I was running PR for the BRC, I can’t remember “nigger” or its variations being used between Black folks in the scene.  Maybe it was a strong sense of community.  Perhaps it was gratitude for that sense of community that was forged out of the rejection by both the mainstream and African American culture […]

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links for 2007-03-08

Hendrix Family Sues Over Vodka Marketing Soemthing to keep an eye on (tags: Jimi+Hendrix) Epic To Release Sly & The Family Stone’s Original Studio Albums In Limited Quantities April 10 – Starpulse News Blog Get your piece of history. (tags: bands Sly+Family+Stone)

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links for 2007-03-02

‘We are not members of a tribe. We are not linked by blood or soil. We are citizens of an idea.’ ( This is what I love: "We are citizens of an idea."  Great. (tags: identity)

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Starting A List

Hat tip to Charlie for providing this list of Black rockers.  It’s a good start.

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Explaining “Black rock” to a seven-year-old

Tonight, my son asks me, “What’s Black rock?” and I realized that any answer I gave him would be filled with references to concepts that he wouldn’t understand.  So, I’m on the hunt for a simple definition.  It’s not enough to tell him, as I did in an earlier post, that Black rock is an […]

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links for 2007-02-28

The Afrofuture of Rock by Kandia Crazy Horse Kandia’s review of the final BRC show at BAM (tags: bands Black+Rock+Coalition)

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Breaking the Frame

You’re either in… or out! Originally uploaded by Cordeiro. The way we frame Black rock is critical.  In an effort to prove it’s different from what’s available to the masses, Black rock has fallen into the corporate pigeonholing trap where everything requires a specific label (no pun intended!), it’s own little box.  Unfortunately, Black rock’s […]

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Did you hear?

After receiving their Grammy, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith shouted: “You kids need to start some rock bands.  We need more rock bands!” “You kids” includes black boys and girls.  Let’s assume he was talking to our kids, too.

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Testing the Waters

An article in today’s LA Times explores how the production team behind the soundtrack to Dreamgirls had to ensure that the music appealed to young fans while not alienating longtime fans of the musical.  Clearly, they met the challenge, since the soundtrack album went to the top of the album charts in January. The most […]

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Barack Obama is Black rock

The system break man, child, and women into figuresTwo columns for who is, and who ain’t niggaz                –Mos Def, “Mathematics” from Black on Both Sides The recent dustups that have swirled around him both within the Black community and outside of it highlight the prickly and complicated issue of Black […]

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