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BAL-FITD-cover presents The Getaway (2010) Here’s something to start your weekend off right! Shout out to Qool DJ Marv and The Mighty G-man for handling the mix. These two brothas make mighty cool mixes. Philly meets NYC in Harlem and timeless mixtapes featuring enduring music emerges. Marv’s been spinning around the globe for at least […]

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Great press coverage of the compilation

Since it's release in mid-October, our compilation is approaching 10,000 downloads on  First, I've got to take a minute and thank all of you who've downloaded it thusfar, those of you who've spread the word via your social media channels (huge thank you to the massive on Twitter and FB!), as well as […]

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Best of 2009: Noisettes, Burnt Sugar, Spearhead, Allen Toussaint + more!

Earl Douglas, Queens, NY, contributor and  executive director of the Black Rock Coalition: Honeychild Coleman – Halo InsideShe's already the hardest working woman in show business, but then she turned around and made this pop-rock gem.  Living Colour – The Chair In The DoorwayDon't call it a comeback, but the BRC's once and forever […]

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Jay-Z on indie rock. Yeah, really.

You've probably seen the current issue of Rolling Stone with Jay-Z on the cover.  Here's an interesting pull from his interview: It seems the man who made his name rhyming about hustling and hos in Brooklyn's Marcy Projects is actually more comfortable around an unlikely new crowd: indie rockers. "I love the energy coming out […]

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UPCOMING: 12th Annual Allied Media Conference–June 18-20

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it out to this event, but certainly hope to join the AMC next year. What's the Allied Media Conference, you ask?  Contrary to popular perception, it's another example of some good things that are happening in Detroit. Check it out: The Allied Media Conference advances our visions for […]

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My playlist from the WRFB launch — May 4, 2010

Over 500 people joined us for the launch of WRFB last night!  And thanks to all who tuned in, not just for my show, but for the segments hosted by YankeeZulu, Christian Wikane and Shelley Nicole. I'll have info on a link to the podcast shortly.  In the meantime, here's my set list (song/artist/time/album): Ready […]

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My WRFB Playlist–June 8, 2010 + Janelle Monae

BLK JKS OK, so I made some rookie radio mistakes last night: I forgot to announce the last three songs.  So, my apologies to Anti-Pop Consortium, Gordon Voidwell and The Cocker Spaniels.  And, thanks again to Janelle Monae for setting aside time for that interview we did last week.  It's presented here in its entirety. […]

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REVIEW: Janelle Monae — "The ArchAndroid"

  @janellemonae Many of us have waited almost three years since Janelle Monae's EP Metropolis Suite I of IV: The Chase was released.  Along the way, we've been thrilled at her live shows by her unbridled energy.  She's someone who leaves it all on the stage. But, I always wondered how she'd follow the EP […]

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If I were going to be in Austin this year, here are some of shows I’d have on my list to decide between.  And I really mean that: With 2,000 artists performing, there’s no way you’re going to make a dent in all the killer acts there.  However, knowing is half the battle.  So, on […]

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Afropunk, Black Diversity, And What Marketers Need To Know

AP Stage+Crowd800

This article originally appeared on on Thursday, August 21, 2014 In his book, Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness,  author and MSNBC host Toure noted: “If there are 40 million black people, then there are 40 million ways to be black.”  Of course, marketers can’t be expected to understand each individual in a group.  Nor should they only […]

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