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UPCOMING: 3 Nights of Tamar-Kali at HarlemStage–June 7-9

@tamar_kali @myharlemstage Next week: Tamar-Kali plays one venue, three nights, three different shows.  Obviously, longtime readers of this site know how much love and admiration we have for her.  And why not?  That voice, those songs! So here’s the deal: Thursday, June 7 @ 7:30pm: Psychochamber Ensemble with special guest Joan as Police Woman For those unfamiliar, Psychochamber Ensemble is Tamar-Kali’s group that reimagines music t…

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REVIEW: Tamar-Kali — "Black Bottom"

Like Tina Turner, you get the feeling from listening to Tamar-kali’s debut album Black Bottom that she never did anything nice and easy. But it’s that struggle she articulates to come into her own that has helped Tamar-kali create Black Bottom, and the result is an exhilarating, cathartic rock n roll tour de force. In many ways, this album flows like a coming-of-age story.  Not so much of a young girl growing into a woman, but rather the transf…

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Tamar-kali: The Interview

So, you may have checked out Tamar-kali’s album release event photos. Hopefully, you also have the album, Black Bottom. You’re feeling pretty good about your girl, right? You can probably tell by her performances and her music that there’s a lot going on with her. Want to know more? If so, check out this extended conversation between Tamar-kali and contributor Jen Williams. The two women talked for a while, so I’m just sharin…

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SUPPORT IT: Tamar-Kali’s Tour & Live EP Pledge Drive

Alright, fam, time to come together and support Tamar-Kali and her band as they raise funds to tour the East Coast.  Those of you who’ve heard Black Bottom know it’s killer album full of raw emotion, dope songwriting and bad-assed arrangements.  And if you’ve ever seen her live, you know that she and the band put on a push-your-wig-back show.  For the tour, she’ll be teaming up with some of her fiercest artist friends to…

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Tamar-Kali Closes Apollo Music Cafe series–June 6

@tamar_kali The Soundstage at the Apollo Theater has had a busy year.  Burnt Sugar did its James Brown tribute.  Then the Apollo formally launched its Music Cafe with a monster performance back in February by Joi.  Blitz the Ambassador came thru, along with a bunch of other talent.  And they’re finishing up the series with Tamar-Kali.  That’s right: Start strong, end strong. So, if you’ve not experienced Tamar-kali live, or if…

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UPCOMING: Tamar-kali + Valerie June–12/2, 3

@tamar_kali @valeriejunetn This looks to be a compelling pairing at NYC’s The Kitchen this week. Tamar-kali does her unique take on torch songs, while accompanied by a killer ensemble that includes Vijay Iyer (piano), Somi (vocalist), Mariel Berger (accordian) and Kiebpoli Calnek (aerialist). The bill also marks the NYC return performance of Valerie June, who will bless the stage with her organic moonshine roots music. It’s a night…

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VIDEO: Tamar-Kali feat. Jean Grae — "Pearl (J Mage remix)"

@tamar_kali @jeangreasy Those of you down in Austin are in for a treat tonight, as Tamar-Kali, Jean Grae, along with Invincible and Waajeed take the stage for the official unveiling of the Born In Flames tour.  Should be hot.  The rest of us, will have to make due with this video for “Pearl,” taken from Tamar-kali’s debut album Black Bottom. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: You wish you were in Austin. Yeah, me, too….

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WRFB: Talking Restoration Rocks w/ Lisa Yancey and Tamar-kali

…director of arts & culture programming for Restoration Plaza, along with the event’s musical curator, Tamar-kali.  Learned a couple of things: First, the Bed-Stuy Restoration Corporation is the first and oldest community development corporation in the country. Second, October 8 is Tamar-kali’s birthday, so this event is really a big throwdown with all the artists she’d want to see.    So, definitely come through the Do-or-D…

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UPCOMING: Tamar-Kali @ BAM Next Wave Festival — 9/29

This is the “problem” with New York City: Too much amazing stuff happening.  Case in point: You all already know that on Saturday night, the great Leon Ware is being accompanied by MuthaWit at BAMCafe. And, at about the same time, another Bold As Love Magazine favorite, Tamar-Kali, takes the stage at Fishman Space as part of the BAM’s Next Wave Festival. For this performance, she’ll be doing it “PseudoAcoustic,R…

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UPCOMING: Tamar-Kali's Residency @ Joe's Pub (NYC)

@tamar_kali Tamar-Kali and her Black Bottom Revue set up shop at Joe’s Pub for three Fridays beginning this Friday, September 3. She’ll use her recently released album Black Bottom as the centerpiece for a night of music, burlesque and all-around rock cabaret-style good times.  Yeah, I did say burlesque, and those of you who were at the Black Bottom album release party know what I’m talkin’ about. There will be an ever-c…

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Fear Of A Black President

Some excerpts from Ta-Nehisi Coates’s tour de force on Obama, race and the limits of integration.

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