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Great press coverage of the compilation


Since it's release in mid-October, our compilation is approaching 10,000 downloads on  First, I've got to take a minute and thank all of you who've downloaded it thusfar, those of you who've spread the word via your social media channels (huge thank you to the massive on Twitter and FB!), as well as [...]

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UPCOMING: 12th Annual Allied Media Conference–June 18-20


Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it out to this event, but certainly hope to join the AMC next year. What's the Allied Media Conference, you ask?  Contrary to popular perception, it's another example of some good things that are happening in Detroit. Check it out: The Allied Media Conference advances our visions for [...]

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My playlist from the WRFB launch — May 4, 2010


Over 500 people joined us for the launch of WRFB last night!  And thanks to all who tuned in, not just for my show, but for the segments hosted by YankeeZulu, Christian Wikane and Shelley Nicole. I'll have info on a link to the podcast shortly.  In the meantime, here's my set list (song/artist/time/album): Ready [...]

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REVIEW: Janelle Monae — "The ArchAndroid"

Janelle Monae - cropped- Andrew Zaeh - Hi-Res

  @janellemonae Many of us have waited almost three years since Janelle Monae's EP Metropolis Suite I of IV: The Chase was released.  Along the way, we've been thrilled at her live shows by her unbridled energy.  She's someone who leaves it all on the stage. But, I always wondered how she'd follow the EP [...]

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Jay-Z on indie rock. Yeah, really.


You've probably seen the current issue of Rolling Stone with Jay-Z on the cover.  Here's an interesting pull from his interview: It seems the man who made his name rhyming about hustling and hos in Brooklyn's Marcy Projects is actually more comfortable around an unlikely new crowd: indie rockers. "I love the energy coming out [...]

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Detroit's Black Women Rock Weekend

Black Women Rock NEW BACK_587x800

Dopeness in the D this weekend, spearheaded by @jessicacaremoor.  First, a tribute to funk diva Betty Davis featuring Tamar-Kali, Imani Uzuri, Steffanie Christi'an and Marcia Jones:   On Sunday, there's a master class with many of these artists that focuses on inspiring young women to define their own terms of participation in the music industry. [...]

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FREE DOWNLOAD: presents The Getaway

Here’s something to start your weekend off right! Shout out to Qool DJ Marv and The Mighty G-man for handling the mix.  These two brothas make mighty cool mixes.  Philly meets NYC in Harlem and timeless mixtapes featuring enduring music emerges.  Marv’s been spinning around the globe for at least a decade, and you can hear G-Man on Saturday nights with Jay Smooth on WBAI’s Underground Railroad, one of the longest-running and m…

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SUPPORT IT: Karma Johnson's "Miracle 63" campaign

Another talent on her fundraising grind.

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If I were going to be in Austin this year, here are some of shows I’d have on my list to decide between.  And I really mean that: With 2,000 artists performing, there’s no way you’re going to make a dent in all the killer acts there.  However, knowing is half the battle.  So, on that note, here’s my list, done in no particular order): Fishbone Bad Brains Ebony Bones Born In Flames Tour (feat. Tamar-Kali, Jean Grae, Invi…

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Best black rock releases of 2009


  There was a lot of good music last year.  Here’s a quick list of what I thought was tops, and it includes albums and artists that were reviewed or highlighted here, as well as stuff I was listening to. Best of 2009 (in no particular order): Honeychild Coleman, “Halo Inside (Come La Luna).”  Bjork-shaded [...]

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Fear Of A Black President

Some excerpts from Ta-Nehisi Coates’s tour de force on Obama, race and the limits of integration.

GOOD READ: Hate Crimes Always Have A Logic: On The Oak Creek Gurudwara Shootings

A perspective on the Oak Creek, WI shootings from a member of the Sikh community

GOOD READ: Erykah Badu to Wayne Coyne: “Kiss my glittery ass!”

In case you missed it, Ms. Badu’s choice words to Mr. Coyne

GOOD READ: Jeff Chang On The Legacy of Chuck Brown

A worthwhile read on the go-go legend

GOOD READS: #TrayvonMartin Around The Web

So much conversation–and now maybe some justice–for this young man.

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