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The Apollo's Music Cafe launches with Joi–Feb 11 & 12


Congrats to the Apollo Team for launching this new series!  Good things happening uptown.  Here’s the full schedule of events: February 11-12: Joi 14: Blitz the Ambassador March 4-5: Future Now 6: Kiki and Tess April 1-2: Afromondo/Songs for Miriam 4: Shades of R&B May 13-14: Geri Allen/Timeline 16: The Maurice Brown Effect June 3-4: […]

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UPCOMING: Laina Dawes’s NYC Book Launch — April 15

laina headshot

…is on NPR . . .and VICE . . . as well as the AV Club Cool, too, that the event features special performances by Tamar–Kali and Militia.  Definitely some face-peeling ish. There’s no cover, so come out, show your support, and please buy a book.  Laina’s even got some dope merch available here. And […]

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WATCH: Janelle Monae ft. Erykah Badu — “Q.U.E.E.N.”


  On the song “Warrior Bones,” Tamar–Kali closes with the telling lines: “These warrior bones ache for revolution, but the people ain’t ready.” So it seems that Janelle Monae’s solution is to be a time-traveling rebel from the future so that she can impact and change the present.  Smart, right?  After all, history is filled […]

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REVIEW: Chocolate Genius Inc. — "Swansongs" (One Little Indian)


…generate Youtube views. But there’s hope. In fact, there always has been. To a list of contemporary songwriting talents that would include Stew (of Passing Strange), Little Jackie’s Imani Coppola, genre-busting rocker Tamar–kali and stalwarts the Family Stand, among others, Marc Anthony Thompson — in whatever guise he chooses — is a welcome addition. This […]

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VIDEO: Restoration Rocks 2010


Here’s some video from the Restoration Rocks event a couple of last weekend.  Thanks to Tamar–kali, Lisa Yancey and Centric’s Mary Pryor for giving me this shot at interviewing the artists that day.  Enjoy! subCentric// Restoration Rocks from Centric TV on Vimeo….

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Recap: Indiana University’s black rock conference

(l to r) Reebee Garofalo, Tamar-Kali, Moe Mitchell, Linda Tillery, Dr. Portia Maultsby, Greg Tate Frankly, it’s easy to think that wherever you are is the center of the Universe.  In my case, that would be Brooklyn and New York City.  But, in fact, there’s a lot going on—particularly in the world of black rock […]

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REVIEW: Dee Rees’ “Pariah”


…tory about outsiders with a lot of left-of-center music.  Great to see longtime fam like Honeychild Coleman and Tamar–Kali have their music placed in a feature film.  And this is no spoiler: There’s a houseparty scene where Tamar–Kali and her band perform “Pearl,” and it’s great to see her 20-feet tall on the screen, putting […]

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TONIGHT: Black Rock Coalition Orchestra's Nina Simone tribute–SOLD OUT!

  Tonight, the BRC Orchestra takes over the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.  For those of you who have tix, it'll be a great experience: 18 performers, all female, under the musical direction of Tamar-Kali.  It's part of the Schomburg's Annual Women's Jazz Festival. In addition to Tamar-kali, some of the other performers […]

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Upcoming: 2009 Afro-punk Festival

It's that time of year again.  Lots of great music, film and skating to be had.  So get out and enjoy. From what I understand, Living Colour is no longer part of the lineup.  But the bands that are playing are pretty amazing: Pure Hell (the first all-Black punk band); Saul Williams; Game Rebellion; Earl […]

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Restoration Rocks 2010 Preview: Q&A with Invincible

invinc 2-apollobrown_cropped_695x414

…;d give you all a chance to get to know some of the artists.  Now, you’ve already gotten a chance to hear Tamar–kali.  This time, you’ve got an opportunity to get a know Detroit MC Invincible a little better. How has Detroit shaped you as both an MC and as an activist? Detroit has an […]

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