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…y wanting a lossless file, go here and send me a note, and I can get you a .wav file that will be over 800MB. Here’s the track listing. Goes without saying, but if you like what you hear, support these artists. Blind – Game Rebellion Warrior Bones – Tamar-kali So What Am I (Sunday […]

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Best of 2007: Chaka Khan, Somi, Afrofraktal, Brazz Tree, Cornel West, Graham Haynes + the list goes on. . . !

Since the submissions are slowing down, I think this may be one of the last posts on the subject.  Remember, you can check out all the submissions by clicking here. For this post, shoutouts to the following people: Bruce Mack, Brooklyn and Jersey inna house!/Producer, composer, founder of Tricky Dilemma 1. Sharon Jones & The […]

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Best of 2007: Killswitch Engage, Sharon Jones, Lightspeed Champion, The Mighty Paradocs, Vernon Reid + even more!

Now that we’re past the Christmas hump, let’s continue the list.  More good stuff coming in from the community, such as: Karen Durant, NYC/manager and music entrepreneur Karen sez: "I’ve been in the lab working on what I hope to be a few of 2008’s best releases. I can name-check my faves for 2008, songwriter/vocalist […]

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Burnt Sugar @ Sputnik, July 9

Yeah, I’d missed the Game Rebellion/Voodoo Fe/Bazaar Royale show at the Afropunk Skate Park last Wednesday, but decided to make that late night trek over the Sputnik to see Greg Tate and his "fully improvisational acid-funk band" Burnt Sugar.  Now, I hadn’t seen Burnt Sugar in a while and I have to admit to being […]

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Janelle Monae Crushes Summerstage

Our favorite cybergirl proves the buzz ain’t just hype, and none of the acts that followed cleared the bar she set. You know you’re winning when you stagedive, people catch you and allow you to crowdsurf.  Which is exactly what happened at the end of Janelle’s excellent set yesterday.  She’s got the goods, she played […]

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3 Day Countdown to Afropunk 2008

It’s July, so it must be time for the Afropunk Festival.  My hat’s off to James Spooner and Matthew Morgan for the 10 days of music, film and skating that they’re about to present from July 4 thru July 13.  It’s pretty massive: Nearly 40 bands 15 films a skate park featuring 30 pro BMX […]

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Rebel Soul Salon Series @ Weeksville Historical Society

Shawn Peters, who manages soul rocker Martin Luther, hipped me to a series he’s producing over at the Weeksville Historical Society in Brooklyn.  It kicked off last week with Game Rebellion and follows up this weekend with Sparlha Swa, who I’ve heard great things about but, unfortunately, have had several near misses when it came […]

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