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VIDEO: Game Rebellion — “Rebel”


@neticrebel @game_rebellion Is it ever a bad thing to have a new Game Rebellion video? I think not! Y’all know I’ve written a lot about this band: Good guys, all five of ’em, but I’d really hate to have to follow them on stage.  They’re that good. But let’s not belabor the point. Here’s the […]

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LISTENING POST: Game Rebellion — "Blood"


@game_rebellion @neticrebel New music from Brooklyn’s own Game Rebellion.  Like “Blind”–which was used on last summer’s mixtape, The Getaway–“Blood” is from their EP Sounds Like A Riot.  The video does a great job of capturing the hip hop/punk/rock energy of their live shows. Speaking of which: If you have a chance to catch them live, […]

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WATCH: Game Rebellion ft Ninjasonik — “GTFO”


Like many of you, we’re anxiously awaiting the full-length Game Rebellion album.  Their Sounds Like A Riot EP was cool. Joints like “Blind” and “Blood” were cool.  But, given how many great songs this band has, as well as how they absolutely kill it live, once we heard there was an album in the wings, […]

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VIDEO: Game Rebellion at the Brooklyn Museum


  @game_rebellion @amonfocus Got to take my son to this show. I figured that, as a 12-year-old hip hop fan, it was about time for him to experience the Rebels.   We stood down near stage left.  The energy, the musicianship, the crowd: My son was definitely transfixed.  And the highlight for him? “I pushed his […]

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Kandia Crazy Horse on Game Rebellion

Props to rock critic par excellence Kandia Crazy Horse, who holds court in this week’s Village Voice on the one and only Game Rebellion.  They’re a band that was all over this blog’s Best of 2007 lists, and for good reason. Like Kandia, I first experienced them at last summer’s Restoration Rocks festival in Bed-Stuy.  […]

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TOUR DATES: Game Rebellion + ATL stand up!

Game Rebellion's MC Netic tells me that their album will be out in a couple of months.  Very cool.  In the meantime, folks in a few cities will get to see what all of us in NYC have known for some time: Game Rebellion is the truth. In fact, Atlanta will be able to check […]

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Photos: Bazaar Royale, Game Rebellion, Raye6 @ S.O.B's — 4/30

Netic of Game Rebellion If it were only about an MC or a guitarist, Game Rebellion wouldn't be special.  They'd be good, no doubt.  But thankfully, they are much more than the sum of their parts.  I've said this before, but they are clearly one of the best hip hop/rock bands out there.  With their […]

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CMJ: Game Rebellion, Bazaar Royale, David E. Beats + others 10/19

bazaar cmj 2010

Tomorrow night. Game Rebellion, Bazaar Royale, and David E. Beats are all worth checking out….

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UPCOMING SHOW: Game Rebellion + The Real Live Show–Friday, 11/27

Another option in NYC this Friday.  I've never seen The Real Live Show before, but they sound like they are strong performers.  They'd have to be in order to share bill with Game Rebellion. Littlefield622 DeGraw betweet 3rd/4th Avenues$10 at the door Additional links: The Real Live Show Game Rebellion

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Listening Post: Game Rebellion–"Mind Playin Tricks" (J. Period remix)

Okay, so after that rave that I handed out for Game Rebellion, you might be wondering what they sound like.  Here’s one of my favorite tracks from their mixtape, Searching for Rick Rubin, a rework of the Geto Boys’ "My Mind Playing Tricks on Me".  Officially, Game Rebellion’s version is "Mind Playin Tricks" (J. Period […]

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