WATCH: George 2.0 — “Deuteronomy”

@twopointoh takes a break from brand management and steps out as a artist in his own right


If you thought all Wondaland Arts had to offer the world is Janelle Monae, you’re about to be pleasantly surprised and proven wrong.  Morehouse man George 2.0 has spent the last few years handling all of the new media efforts at the enclave, and is just now stepping out from behind the brand manager desk to unveil his own songs and share them with the world.  He’s also an actor: You may have seen him in Drumline, and he starred in his own one-man theater show, Any1Man, “his one-man elegy to the black man, in which he portrays with grace and power characters ranging from Adam in the Garden of Eden to a homeless man on the streets of an urban jungle.”

For now, check out his music video for “Deuteronomy”:

Additional link:

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  • Kennedy J

    This is so dope – glad to learn more about him! I’m loving this song, he’s got a dope flow.

    • George 1.0

      This young man awaits discovery. I mean BIG TIME DISCOVERY! I mean for real, for real! He has been dedicated to his craft, it could be said religiously, except that his faith supersedes all other aspirations. Perfection is that for which he strives, which in and of itself, taken time.

      The versatility of this young man’s talent can not be captured in this reply alone, perhaps not even in “Deuteronomy” alone. Get with him now, on his way up, so that you can say, “I was there at inception!”

      As a result, when it is said, “Hey! This 2.0 dude is ……!” You can give a clever smile and respond, “Really?”

      A bias evaluation…… (:

  • George 1.0

    …but righteously relevant!

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