VIDEO: Meridian — “Truth”

D oesn’t even matter the lies they tell you. . .


Here’s a new(er) band on the scene. Meridian is the band formed by guitarist Yohimbe Sampson and vocalist Bradley Valentin.  You may recognize Yohimbe as the lead guitarist in Game Rebellion.  With Meridian, he’s exploring other sounds, as all artists worth their salt should.  We missed their SOB’s show earlier this week, but plan on bringing you pics and reporting the next time they hit a stage.

In the meantime, enjoy this video, which uses footage from that classic film The Gods Must Be Crazy.

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    […] groovy, rhythmic sound, check out one of their latest works “Truth” on the Bold As Love Magazine – Music, Culture, & the New Black Imagination online magazine as well as Meridian’s official website. Bradley Valentine, an amazing […]

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