LISTEN: Last Year’s Tragedy — “Elephant In The Room”

N ew sounds from one of Nairobi’s premier metal bands. Yup.


I love the reaction I get when I tell people there’s not only a serious rock scene in Nairobi, Kenya, but a metal scene.  Yeah, it’s Africa and the knee-jerk assumption is that the music is all some sort of “indigenous” sound, something very “African”.  There’s plenty of that, plenty of electro-pop such as from our friends in Just A Band. And, as has been noted here, there’s plenty of hook ‘n’ horns rock and metal, especially the kind made by Last Year’s Tragedy.

So here’s some new music for you which, I hope, means there’s a new album on the way.  And soon.  Enjoy!

Additional link:


  • Last Year’s Tragedy on Reverbnation


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