LISTENING POST: Africa In Your Earbuds #20 — BLK JKS

Download the new mix from BLK JKS guitarist Mpumi Mcata

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Something to kick your weekend off.  OkayAfrica’s Africa In Your Earbuds (AIYE) is a series of “mixtapes” from artists on the continent.  This latest one is from South Africa’s BLK JKS, also known as one of’s favorite bands.  While we wait for the next BLK JKS album (too bad you can’t rush creativity!), this will have to do.

AIYE #20 was mixed by guitarist Mpumi Mcata, who says the mix “is a sketch of a few things that have been on rotation in and around the camp as the BLK JKS pre-produce LP2.”  He describes it further as “progressive, adaptable, re-purposed and interchangeable, unpredictable, distinctly african souls, classic but not necessarily classical as i now so often like to say. . .”

Can’t front, but we’re not as familiar with most of the artists contained herein, although there is a bass-heavy remix of a Marvin Gaye song, as well as a track by the Talking Heads.  As for the rest, it’s time to jump in, download and discover some new sounds!

1. Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (Nit Grit Remix)
2. Saitana – Jenakuru
3. Tlokwe Sehomi – Masepalati
4. Sinkane – Jeeper Creeper
5. vampire9000 – Colours
6. Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
7. Brenda Fassie – Weekend Special (Richard the Third’s Italo Dub remix)
8. DJ Mujava – Mugwanti (Shooting Horses Remix)
9. Motèl Mari – Hold On Me
10. BLK JKS – Tselane (Tselan3 Dub Remix)
11. Christian Tiger School – Slip Into Something Uncomfortable
12. Mankunku – Before the Rain And After

More on this remix over at OkayAfrica.




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