LISTENING POST: Mingus Murray — “Blue Dress”

N ew music from the up-and-coming Mingus Murray m4s0n501


If you’re scratching your head wondering who Mingus Murray is, don’t feel bad. He’s a new kid on the block.  But we get the sense that he’s someone we’ll all be hearing about for years to come. You may also be hearing about him thanks to a recently released video for the song “Ju$t The One For Me”.

Mingus is the only child of saxophonist David Murray and photographer Ming Smith, so there’s a lot of creativity in his background.  This track is off of his recently released EP, Mingus, which you can download for free here.  The EP shows a lot of promise, showcasing his take on funk, blues and rock.  Here’s to that promise being realized in the fullest.

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