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S o much conversation–and now maybe some justice–for this young man. p5rn7vb

The #TrayvonMartin case continues to be a heartbreaking reminder of the inequities in our justice system.  As of this writing, there have still be NO charges filed against George Zimmerman (above, right).  Where is justice?  No one wants revenge, only justice.  We want something to serve as a reminder that you can’t recklessly take someone’s life and then hide behind some flimsy “Stand Your Ground” law, especially when the person who lays dead weighs 100 pounds less than you and was only “armed” with ice tea and Skittles.

The case is troubling on a bunch of levels.  Not least of which is this: What are we supposed to tell our sons? I mean, we are supposed to be raising children to respect the rule of law.  We want them to have faith that our system of justice is fair and applies equally to all people.  More importantly, we want them to believe–even if experience and history has told us otherwise–that everyone will get a fair shake.  Unfortunately, Trayvon’s death exposes us as liars.

At any rate, there has been a lot of good coverage and commentary.  I’m sure there will more as this story develops.  In the meantime, I wanted to share some good pieces that I’ve come across today, in addition to Charles Blow’s NY Times commentary.  Here goes

  • VIDEO: Jasiri X — “Trayvon”. The Pittsburgh MC and activist continues to use his art to raise awareness about issues of social justice, this time the focus is on this senseless killing. Bravo, brotha. (h/t Mark Anthony Neal for the heads up)

UPDATE: It was just announced that the FBI and the Justice Department have opened an investigation.

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