LISTENING POST: Amul 9 — "Elevated Beings"/"Luciferian Conspiracy"

Kemetic hardcore? Yeah, Amul 9 is prolly gonna start growing on you, too

The Atlanta quartet are back with Elevated Beings, their full-length LP.  The development I was looking for when  I first heard them is noted.  Their sound is getting tighter, and it doesn’t sound like Zoser is fighting against the music to be heard.  These guys are growing on me.

Another cool thing about this album is that the guys benefited from having three of the songs on the album produced by Earl Hudson of Bad Brains: The title track, “No Truth,” and “Know Thy Overseer”.  In true hardcore fashion, “Elevated Beings” is under two minutes long, so I thought I’d throw in another one of the songs I like, “Luciferian Conspiracy”.  Enjoy!

[wpaudio url="" text="Amul 9 - Elevated Beings" dl="0"]

[wpaudio url="" text="Amul 9 - Luciferian Conspiracy" dl="0"]


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