LISTENING POST: HelixDown — "The Difference Between Shalom and Salam Is A Laugh"

C heck out the melodic hardcore of HelixDown.

@Helixdown: Kairo (l) and Chad Joseph.  Photo by Anne C. Ferguson

A lot of famous musicians have strong ties to Staten Island: Joan Baez, Christina Aguilera, Wu-Tang Clan, and Vernon Reid, to name a few.  I expect that we’ll soon be adding HelixDown to that list.

According to the story he told at the BRC’s 25th Anniversary Party, Vernon Reid discovered that this duo lived a few doors down from him, and he’s been mentoring them ever since.

On first listen, HelixDown sounds like a hardcore band.  But inside, there is a core of rhythm and melody and soulfulness that will, I think, go a long way to setting them apart.  At the BRC event, the whole room was feeling ’em.  Check ’em out.

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