Introducing's Newest Contributor: Kristina Gray

W riter, DJ and activist Kristina Gray, aka K La Rock, shares her notes from the DMV scene! m4s0n501


Really thrilled that Kristina stepped up and offered to contribute posts to the blog.  She’s based in DC and easily corroborates what we’ve been saying for a while: It’s a good time to be in DC if you’re a black rock or urban alternative artist.

Here’s a bit about Kristina:

Kristina Gray is a writer, DJ and activist whose work has appeared in music blogs, zines, and publications such as Ms. magazine. Her treatise on growing up black and in love with rock and roll was published in the anthology Colonize This. She’s spoken frequently in the past about race, music, gender, and art as a tool for community-building. As K La Rock, she helped form the all-female First Ladies DJ collective and continues to DJ throughout the DC area. When she’s not writing, playing or talking about music, she can be found at

Additional link:

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  1. Renee December 17, 2010 at 00:11 #

    awesome. I remember reading Kristina Gray’s treatise in college and thought that it was great.

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