A Conversation with Kevin Powell

T he race for Brooklyn’s 10th Congressional District ends tomorrow. Hear what one of the candidates has to say.


In many cities around the country, tomorrow is Election Day, primaries, in fact.  In Brooklyn’s 10 Congressional district, Kevin Powell is running to unseat longtime incumbent Rep. Edolphus Towns.  I had a chance to interview Kevin on WRFB a few weeks ago, and this is our full conversation.

I don’t live in the 10th, so I can’t vote for him.  However, if you do, and if what he’s saying makes sense to you, consider giving him your support.

During this conversation, Kevin talks about:

  • His evolution from writer to congressional candidate
  • The issues he cares about and what he wants to do for Brooklyn
  • His political mentors
  • The importance of not overstaying his welcome

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