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Great press coverage of the compilation

Since it's release in mid-October, our compilation is approaching 10,000 downloads on  First, I've got to take a minute and thank all of you who've downloaded it thusfar, those of you who've spread the word via your social media channels (huge thank you to the massive on Twitter and FB!), as well as to those other blogs who've reviewed it.  To those, I want to extend a special shout out for the love:


"Fire in the Dark compiles a broad and radical, yet cohesive and
distinctly black array of musical offerings that does challenge
perceptions on contemporary articulations of the African American
musical legacy. And the challenge comes in a loud, passionate and
measured package." Read more here. . .


"Amazing." Read more here. . .

". . .all worth a listen."  Read more here. . .


"There are some amazing tracks on this set, most notably a track by Tamar-Kali whom I love, love love."  Read more here. . .


". . .fiercely worth the time (as it includes MilkPlus, Tamar Kali, California King, and a host of other sonic titans)." Read more here. . .


"This compilation album features some pretty dope bands and artists in
black rock. With sounds coming from the U.S., UK and abroad this
collective fuses black rock, afro-punk and black alternative music."  Read more here. . . 


"fantastic"  Read more here. . .

If you still haven't checked out the compilation, you can find a download link here.

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